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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
My name is Andrea and I'm from Italy. I first visited Mammadu in August 2010 and it changed my life! I spent two weeks with some Mammadu's kids like volunteer . Then I came back to Namibia in August 2011 and again in December 2011 because I love Mammadu's kids and the Mammadu's project. It's a really serious organization that helps many kids.... Thanks to Mammadu I was able to crown a dream that I had for many years .... to help poor children and to return the fortune that life has given me to less fortunate children who have so much need of every form of help ... During my vouluntery experience with Mammadù, I visited the Mammadu Centre: it's a really beautiful place where many kids receive good foods, help to study and where children can grow away from the dangers of the road. Thanks Mammadu for everything it does for many namibian kids! I love it very much! Andrea