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VolunteerAlliance.org will close at the end of March 2019 - Volunteer with Omprakash.org instead!

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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
The main ‘problem’ of volunteering with HH2VCBYSKP is that, after making all the arrangements for the trip, taking all the vaccinations, fighting with the Ugandan embassy to get the visa, buying the plane tickets, buying the anti-malaria pills, after the stress, doubts, insecurities, second-thoughts, after all of that, you arrive in Entebbe airport and the group of people who meet you and will take care of you for the next few months is so welcoming and easy-going that you feel you haven’t left your home! You’re not in a foreign place, you’re just at home! It is true that the first impression of the land can be a bit shocking (have you ever seen a bus driver buying a beer from a guy on the back of a passing lorry, WHILE driving?) and you could easily think that it is impossible to move around in such a chaotic and strange environment. However, after a couple of days with the staff, you are able to get a “Kamunye” to Jinja Central market to buy some “Muvumba” cloth for your mum and a guitar for me to play while I’m here, go back directly to central market on the “KAMUNYE” (local shared transport), have a walk around, enter in the HH2VCBYSKP Compound, be welcomed by hordes of smiling kids and get a lesson from Stella, the house cook. I’ve enjoyed every moment of it! After a week here (actually after few days!) I felt completely integrated in the team and was eager to start working and be of some help. I’m starting to think that the next 3 months will pass by very quickly! Never have I felt so welcome somewhere as I have in Uganda. From the smiling children’s faces that greet you first thing at the HH2VCBYSKP Daycare Centre for Vulnerable Children, to the daily hello’s when you walk (or run!) through the community, to the fun I have had with new friends in the house; these all meant I quickly felt at ease and at home here. Having such a wonderful group of people in the house has certainly made the challenging days easier. Meal times are such a sociable part of the day, where we share stories of our days, but also of our lives at home. It really contributes to theHH2VCBYSKP Volunteer House feeling like a home, not just a place to stay. Personally, I loved having the beach on our door step for runs and as a place to go have a quiet drink when you need to wind down. I certainly will not miss hand washing clothes, and would urge anyone coming out to bring hard wearing quick drying clothes! It’s certainly been a work out wringing out the clothes! My main project was with the children Programme. Traditional music, a place in a village called Kiseitaka. They participate in all cultural foods, music dance and drama projects. For my project, I helped them plan and execute a day cooking a local dish, potatoes and Grand nuts Stew, which definitely is a taste I have had before! The children then created a recipe a music clip to send to the students in the Kenya. Being involved with Child, women Craft, a local intervention program initiated by HH2VCBYSKP in the villages of Kisetaka, Kirongero, Kaatto, Wanenga, from the beginning has been incredibly rewarding. It has allowed me to develop a relationship with the local people, and the children, whilst running weekly sessions to create a crafts about themselves to send back to their friends in Kenya Schools. To thank us for our time they put on a performance on my last day.