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Volunteer Profile

June, 1999
I am a young, hardworking and passionate individual who wants to go out and help others less fortunate than me through volunteering as I believe in equality and that everybody should be equal. In the summer of 2016 I have recently completed Camp Borneo for a month with camps international going into different communities helping with various different projects to help make a difference. In a few months I will have completed my college course and then I am either looking to complete and give 100% into helping others less fortunate me for either a few months or a whole gap year between my educational studies and going to university through volunteering. I am 17 years old who will be 18 when I finish college and ready to go off to do a volunteering project whose interests include several sports which includes Football and cricket and I am a qualified FA level 1 football coach and I play football for Little Lever football club and Cricket for Astley Bridge CC respectively as well as being a season ticket at Oldham for the past few years as well as being a life long fan.
Volunteering Experience: 
I have recently completed Camp Borneo with Camps International in which I undertook several different types of project work from the 15th of July to the 13th of August in which I helped teach young children to read and with English in general, helped build health centres and improve sanitation. I also contributed to reforestation projects, wilderness protection, marine protection and beach clean up projects. Also, as well as this I have also volunteered in helping my dad who is a local Physical Education teacher in running local inter-school competitions, for example, I helped with refereeing / officiating, scoring, putting equipment away and out in the first place as well as writing up fixture lists so that the local primary school children can enjoy the same fun as everyone else as they come from a poorer community that average in their local borough of Bolton in Lancashire, England.
I'm going into my final year completeing a Level 3 extended diploma in sport and exeercise science.
Part time crew member at McDonalds
Other Skills: 
FA level 1 football coach and under-going the Level 2 coaching qualifacation.
Seth Leese