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Volunteer Profile

February, 1994
My name is Wendy, I currently re-located in Nairobi Kenya from the US and there i did some volunteer work in different organizations and have always been passionate on helping in any means I can. I decided to look at Red Cross because it is a broad organization and would love it be a part of it and maybe change lives. I study Applied Computer Technology(APT) in USIU and my goal is to work for networks like Safaricom. I would love to be a part of this amazing organization and help out because I have always believed that every one of us has a calling in life and mine was not just to go to school and work but to change a life, because that is where my happiness resides.
Volunteering Experience: 
Worked with Wells Fargo in the US. Painted houses, served food that are usually packed for homes. Walked in Breast cancer, diabetes walks and donated blood Helped in organizing trip to homes in the US Gave food to the needy and worked with Olive Garden
Other Skills: 
using computers
wendy gichira