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Volunteer Profile

April, 1990
As i told you first my name is Mostafa Abdelfattah My family are 5 person, my mother is house wife, my father was died, i have 2 sisters & brother. I am graduated from the higher institute for tourism and hotels the major is Japanese tour guide. Now i have small company with my friend,its online shopping website "" I was work before in a lot of fields like - training coordinator, training customer care in the Japanese academy in Cairo, Also i was work in a lot of training center in Egypt.
Volunteering Experience: 
i was join with the Resala organization "" in Egypt. i was join with this organization from 5 years ago in teaching the children, delver the food to the people they cant buy it in all of Egypt's governorates. individual work in helping the people
bachelor Tourism and Hotels the major Japanese tour guide
ownership at mobiax online store
Other Skills: 
computer very well
photo shop
info graph
micro soft office
social media marketer
teaching to children
take care of animals
helping People
Mostafa AbdEl-Fattah