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November, 1990
l am a person with a humble background. Since l grow up in a disadvantaged family, l worked so hard so that l will achieve my goals. My dream was to be a social worker and my main aim was to change my community and the world with various initiatives and programmes for human and social development. l am a person of integrity who want to do right things at the right time and who can work under minimum supervision. I have good leadership qualities since l am determined, focused, principled, goal and result-oriented. It is my wish to produce results on everything l do
Volunteering Experience: 
I once worked for an Organisation called Destiny for Women and Youth Empowerment Trust which deals with children living and working on the streets where l did various duties which includes, rehabilitation and reintegration, offering psycho-social support, capacity building, providing basic needs. L also worked at Chiredzi Christian Children's Village, in Chiredzi, Zimbabwe where l play various roles, as a counselor, rehabilitation officer, reintegration of children with their families and relatives, proposal writing, brokering role to mention just a few.I am even seeking for experience in all activities that try to enhance the social functioning of human beings as my profession as a social worker will be guiding me since it is one of its aims.
Did a bachelor's degree in Social Work (hons)
Social Worker
Other Skills: 
proposal writing, communication, interpersonal, organisational skills to mention just a few
Tererai Matara