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Volunteer Profile

April, 1953
Marc Mooney is a semi-retired television news reporter. He is currently learning new skills in advanced web design and development for the purpose of helping NGOs and other international aid programs expand their audience reach and fundraising abilities. Marc also has taught English as a second language in China. There is no job too small for Marc and he will pitch in to work on any project, including teaching, mentoring, computer skills, gardening, farming, carpentry, and recreation. Marc is a good table tennis player and believes in the power of the little ball to bring people together and boost social skills and confidence.
Volunteering Experience: 
Marc most recently worked with homeless veterans in the United States, getting them connected to programs that lead to housing, medical services, alcohol and drug treatment, mental health treatment, and vocational training.
B.A., University of Oregon
Writer, Web Developer, Sales
Other Skills: 
Counseling, Mentoring, and Community building
Marc Mooney