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Volunteer Profile

February, 1991
I am a fresh University graduate from 2015, with a degree in Architectural Engineering, I love traveling and I always wanted to help people in need, specially woman and children. I am a hard worker, I am friendly and able to work in a group as a team leader or as an individual, I am very helpful, always there if needed and I have the ability to work under stress. I am specifically interested in volunteering in works such as in construction, home and shelter and nature, specially works related with my career, I am also interested in helping with teaching and other community based volunteering works, specially with nature child and woman care.
Volunteering Experience: 
I have been a member in a Volunteering Facebook group, we help people who are in need of money, we collect donations in every mean, like colthing food and shelter to provide it for families and people in need, specially in the month of Ramadan.
University graduate with a degree in Architectural Engineering
Architect (Dar Al Handasa)
Manar Ali