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Volunteer Profile

August, 1991
I would describe myself as a very determined and highly motivated person. I do take my job seriously but I’m able to see things in perspective and believe I’m quite easy-going to work with. I’m an optimist rather than a pessimist – but I’m also a realist and I cope well when the going gets tough; I’m very good at finding solutions to problems. Above all, I would say I’m a positive and enthusiastic person – and I relish a challenge. i have maintained the firm record of conducting the tasks such as researches, advocacy and performing the duties of administration and finance both in emergency phases and development projects. I have closely worked with International government counterparts, like Coffey International, UNOPS and with UNDP.
Volunteering Experience: 
Coffey International Development Ltd. (Aitebaar Programme), Islamabad. Jan 2015-Dec 2015 voluntarily work as Deputy Research Associate • Periodically conducted monitoring exercises in all project outlets. Generated reports of monitoring exercises and field appraisals, provided feedback and recommendations to project implementing team of district. • Conducted focus group discussions for bottom-up planning and effective resource utilization with local representatives. • Coordinated and facilitated research studies, such as need assessment, baseline study, post assessments for the Programme of Early Recovery and Rehabilitation. Following are my key roles and responsibilities as Research Associate. a. Conceptualized and designed different research studies required in the PCM of different projects. Prepared quantitative and qualitative research tools. b. Organized workshops for research assistants and enumerators on research tools, administered quantitative and qualitative tools such as focus group discussions and in-depth interviews. c. Supervised the field work and data punching in database. d. Analyzed all field data in SPSS software e. Prepared research report and shared major findings in the brief presentations among main stakeholders. • Drafted routine letters, prepared power point presentations, provided inputs to Unit work plan and responded to e-mail communications on a daily basis.
Masters in Psychology
seeking a job
Other Skills: 
• Research and Analysis • HR Administration • Database maintenance
izzah gilani