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February, 1996
My name is Isabel Sweeney and I'm currently a university student on a gap year. I am born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. I am outgoing, bubbly and enthusiastic. I currently have a part time job. I enjoy a range of activities, such as reading, competitively debating and walking. I'm looking for a new adventure, the reason for my gap year is I am trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. I have immersed myself in to my university life and am part of numerous societies and clubs including debating, acting and political. I have a love of learning new languages, I am fluent in English, high proficiency in German, and basic level Japanese I am studying Jewish and Islamic studies and I had been under the assumption that I would work in the charity sector. However, recently I'm looking to branch out and see if it's really my calling in life. I am looking in to a number of different programs across the world to participate in, so that I can discover where I fit best. I am particularly interested in the educating of smaller children and indeed teaching English as a foreign language.
Volunteering Experience: 
I have spent the past three years volunteering in a community centre in Dublin focused on helping single parents. This involves numerous different activities, one day I may be helping with the pre-schoolers helping them learn how to read etc. or it may involve helping to run a discussion group about coping with different obstacles. This work is highly fulfilling and enriching because I never know exactly what I'm going to be doing each time I go in. In my university, I've been involved in numerous different activities including doing soup runs which means going out each night and providing a warm meal to the homeless on a biweekly basis. I have also participated in a sleep out for the homeless.
Secondary School- completed with honours
Other Skills: 
Public Speaking
Creative Writing
Isabel Sweeney