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Volunteer Profile

July, 1998
I am very interested in trying and learning about new things. It is my goal to travel around the world and help people and touch as many lives as I can. I enjoy meeting new people and being able to help less fortunate people in any way that I can. I've grown up playing soccer and now I'm on my 14th year of playing soccer as it is a passion of mine. I'm also very interested in the arts as I like to draw and occasionally paint in my free time.
Volunteering Experience: 
I volunteered in a hospital in my hometown 2 times a week for about a year in Rochester where I did all sorts of things from working the information desk, delivering samples to the labs, patient and visitor escorts, and performed patient discharges. In addition to that I always like to stay involved around Rochester by participating in cancer fundraising walks and working the cure for childhood cancer fundraising breakfast with my travel soccer team. I was in National Honor society in high school and always did various events through them such as organizing blood drives through the red cross, ringing bells during Christmas time for the Salvation Army, as well as various fundraising events for my school. Right now I'm searching for a different kind of volunteer experience where I can travel to a new place and meet new types of people that I haven't really been exposed to in upstate new York. I'm very involved in my schoolwork as well as soccer and art so I can help in many aspects of life.
Graduated Highschool with salutatory honors, currently enrolled in University at Buffalo
Full time student
Other Skills: 
artistic ability
plays soccer/ athletic ability
Haleigh Harter