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Volunteer Profile

May, 1993
I am a very passionate person with clear goals in mind to save the world so to save all the animals in it. I am passionate and determined of making this world a better place for the good of all. I have recently graduated doing a BSc (Hons) in Animal Science with Zoo and Companion Animals. I currently work in a nature park as a caretaker and in the educational center even though I dont agree with keeping animals captive unless necessary. As well as I work at a vet clinic as a nurse. I am very hard working and determined and I would love to be able to for part of your team!
Volunteering Experience: 
I have volunteered with farm animals for 3 years in the Uk as well as with saving starfish in SC, work at an exotic vet clinic as well as a nature park. I have an extensive knowledge in animals and I cant wait to carry on learning more.
BSc (Hons) in Animal Science with Zoo and Companion Animals . 2:2 overall and a 1st on diasertation
Vet technician, animal caretaker and education
Other Skills: 
bilingual in spanish and English
ashley king