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Volunteer Profile

August, 1994
I was born in Uganda, to Rwandan parents (RIP), raised in congo and moved to Uganda, kisoro district when I was 2 years old during the 1996 civil war. Growing up with my second set of parents (RIP) was the best thing that could have ever happen to any orphan or my siblings who at that time were not as fortunate as me to be a dopted, i got a chance at education and more important, the love i so desperately needed and craved. Am a hardworking, passionate , self- motivated and pro active individual.
Volunteering Experience: 
I would love to work with/for children in any aspect that is a vailable.
Bachelor of Arts in Economics. PE ,O'level & A'level Certificates
Administrative officer
Other Skills: 
Excellent communication skills
Marketing Skills
Aisha Uwase