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June, 1994
My name is Ai Arihara. I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan but moved to London, UK at the age of 16. (So I am native/fluent in both Japanese and English) Since 13 years old, I have always been interested in the problem that the developing countries face, such as poverty, hunger and educations. However, I was not sure what I could do to make an impact on people's lives in such countries until I go to university. At university, I have decided to study Chemistry (up to Master's degree). The reason why I decided to study chemistry was because I wanted to help change deserts in Africa into fertile lands by creating chemicals which add nutrients and minerals. And I honestly thought this is the best I can do to support people's lives in long-term. Outside university life, I have obtained a professional qualification in teaching Japanese as foreign language. My internal passion to help Japanese learners around me pursues me to take this qualification. Responsibility and commitment as a native Japanese speaker also consolidated my decision.
Volunteering Experience: 
Past volunteering: Organised and run fundraising, volunteering as a staff at fundraising events, worked at charity organisation: Barnardo's, teaching English/Japanese to non-native speakers etc Seeking opportunity: I am currently looking for long-term volunteering in South-east Asia to help provide better educations. I have experience in teaching foreign language to non-native speakers in both Japanese and English. During lessons, I have developed my own teaching materials tailored to individuals depending on the level of their understanding, and carried out the lessons in my own way, making sure that everyone in the class can be at the same level at the end of each lesson. Such experience will make me excel in teaching volunteering opportunity.
Masters in Science
Student (Graduated)
Other Skills: 
Professional language teaching
Ai Arihara