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How to Create an Organization Profile

Your profile is your face in the Volunteer Alliance community. Your profile is how you will be seen by other members so it is important that you take the time to create a great profile – it will benefit you!

Create an Account if you haven't already. You can get to this page by clicking on the Create an Account link on the top right corner of every page.

To Create an Account you will be required to provide information about your Organization.

All fields include a description underneath the field that explains what you should include, and why it is necessary.

Mandatory fields are indicated by *. This means that you are required to enter these fields to be able to create your Organization profile.

Complete your profile to the best of your ability. The more information you provide, the better we are able to connect you with the ‘right’ Volunteers. A fully completed profile will benefit your Organization more than anyone.

Be honest and detailed. Volunteer Alliance connects Volunteers and Organizations based on the information contained within these profiles. It is the open and honest sharing of information that makes informed decision making possible.

You will also need to agree to our Terms and fill in the word verification as shown to create your profile.