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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
Remaining issues: 1.) CBO Profile: The profile address view should show the first listed location on the CBO profile in the following format: city, country. As it is now, it is only showing the city, with no location icon, and no country. Also, above the map at the bottom of the profile, it should read, "We are based in [location], it is just showing, "We are based in". 2.) Volunteer Profile: The average rating is not showing up properly in the profile address heading of the profile. Also, the hometown location icon should have a comma (,) between the city and Country. For example [city], [country]. 3.) VPO Profile: The location icon and city, country should only list the Organization Headquarters location, not the project locations. Also, on the profile, the list of items that the cost does not include is not accurate. 4.) All profiles: Map marker information bubbles don't come up when clicked.