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VolunteerAlliance.org will close at the end of February 2019 - Volunteer with Omprakash.org instead!

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Community Based Organization

Organization Location: 
  • Kampala, Uganda
Organization Description
Some Projects Abroad Care volunteers in Uganda work at orphanages. The number of orphans in Uganda is a massive problem for the country's rudimentary social welfare services. In the orphanages that do exist, staff struggle with limited resources to feed, clothe, and educate the children in their care. Staffs all too often simply do not have the time to provide the individual love and attention that these children need so they can have as normal a childhood as possible.

Young women and men Uganda Work-camps typically bring together a temporary community of 10-40 international volunteers from different backgrounds to provide services to local community projects. The volunteers carry out learned and UN learned tasks that would not otherwise be possible. The practical work is only part of the main objective. The work is a tool and method to promote inter-cultural understanding and friendship between the volunteers and with the local community.


Environment - Conserve Program YOWOMU

Aims at facilitating the understanding and adoption of Promoting Eco-friendly Briquette Technology and sustainable livelihood interventions to reduce emissions caused by deforestation and forest degradation resulting from biomass fuel demands in urban communities particularly slum areas which uses mainly charcoal and firewood. Most of the slum communities derive their energy solutions from the forest resources, enhancing these communities in energy innovations particularly briquette technology and livelihood interventions are very pertinent because the deforestation rate is unacceptably high and there is no viable alternative provided by the Government at the moment. Uncontrolled deforestation poses a danger to climate change that hinders human development issues of our generation that threatens to erode Uganda’s human development alternatives and choices. The Ugandan economy and welfare of the population are intricately linked to the natural environment and highly vulnerable to climate variability, change and environmental. . YOWOM Uganda believes that it is time to stop talking and start planting trees if Ugandans are to guarantee a greener, healthier nation for the next generation.

YOWOMU Education Program (RISE AND SHINE Project)

Education is a priority, it is one of the most important tools YOWOMU can give the children in order to break the cycle of poverty affecting their lives and to help them become independent adults. Some children excel at academics and strive to earn scholarships to attend university. Others receive vocational training in one of many hands on professions like ceramics, carpentry, hairdressing, tourism, computer sciences, electronics, child care, and husbandry.

Mainly rural schools produce a lot of drop outs because parents to those who have parents they lack tuition. And orphans, so they end up at least joining the institution through the help of yowomU.

Games and Sports Youth Program

In its effort to launch projects that provide the youth with opportunities for experiential learning, Young women and men Uganda has initiated several games and sports initiatives to empower youth. Sport and recreation activities are valued as social connectors and powerful development tools to counter a lack of adequate opportunities for positive social interaction, unequal distribution of resources, a high rate of unemployment, a high rate of crime and other social ills. Youth sport and recreation networks are an important source and means for social networking, helping to combat exclusion and for fostering youth capacity to work collectively towards the realization of opportunities and addressing the challenges faced by young people.
We currently run soccer, netball, table tennis, athletes, volley ball, basket ball and foot ball.

Health Care Program yowom ( life is wealth we all know)

Healthcare is neither easily accessible nor affordable for many Ugandans living in the rural villages. Young women & men Uganda strives to improve the health conditions of children and adults in rural communities through various programs. By running mobile dental and medical clinics alongside health education workshops, we help to improve healthcare conditions in hard to reach areas.

People in villages face health concerns that diminish their ability to improve their lives whereas the quality of health influences the quality of life for any individual and subsequently impact development for a community. HIV/AIDS, Malaria, childhood illnesses such as measles, tetanus, parasitic diseases and malnutrition devastate communities.

HIV/AIDS in particular has caused immeasurable damage. Large numbers of HIV-related illnesses which cause by lack of condoms and knowledge about HIV virus. Yowom helps in sensitising the communities on how to prevent HIV and other diseases.

Community Health Clinic (let us save life of vulnerable in rural COMMUNITIES)

AT first this health center will be an outpatient facility that emphasizes prevention and education alongside medical treatment but in the future it will add on the inpatient sections. The facility will hold one consultation and two treatment rooms, a laboratory, and a pharmacy. The lab will have capabilities to perform comprehensive microscopic testing and rapid diagnostic tests for malaria, diarrhea conditions, diabetes, Tuttis, malarial (parasitic worm) infections and beyond.

Solar power and water collection will allow the facility to operate independently off local power supply, which can be sporadic at best, and bio-digested toilets will be installed that convert waste into by-products usable.

Mid wives they would also be able to perform their duties at any time due to availability of solar power, because many people in Uganda women die in course of giving birth because of negligence caused by lack of enough power.

Music, Dance and Drama Program (IT IS REAL Youths)

YOUTH AND Children thrive on music. It’s one of the best vehicles for learning in early childhood development. IT IS REAL Youths takes musical learning to the next level; our curriculum is proven to improve a child’s brain development. And for parents, it’s a fun thing to do with kids!
When young children are consistently engaged by music in an age-appropriate, socially accepting environment, they benefit at many levels:
We have saying here in Uganda that music is food to our ears, which means music and dance is one something which brings communities and people together, as well as having joy together.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Program (WASH)

YOUNG WOMEN AND MEN Uganda’s water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) program aims to achieve one of the four targets of the seventh Millennium Development Goal (MDG), by halving the proportion of the population without sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation by 2015. The program provides sustainable and integrated services in rural and isolated areas, breaking the cycle of contamination caused by unsanitary latrines, contaminated water and unsafe hygiene practices. YOWOM ensures sustainability of these interventions by encouraging community ownership, developing linkages with local councils, and encouraging local entrepreneurs to supply low materials.
This will also help to reduce the high rate of diseases which caused by water and poor sanitation.

Rural Fund building orphanage (Village Micro-Finance Project)

The idea of micro-finance is simple yet empowering. Micro-finance is the extension of small loans to entrepreneurs who are too poor to qualify for traditional bank loans. The loans are typically short-term (a year or less), are not secured by collateral, and require repayment in weekly installments.

The starting loan extension being Uganda shillings 100,000/= (USD $ 40), Giving individuals the opportunity to start micro-enterprises (small businesses) has proven an effective and popular measure in the ongoing struggle against poverty. Micro-finance empowers individuals to use their existing skills to create viable businesses, which allows them to improve their living standards, others use this loan in planting commercial products which grows in less than month and market available for these products within the community.


Namiina village, this is where this project found, namiina is located 7 miles away from mukono municipality, Namiina’s estimated population is 2500 people who mostly live under poverty.

Records shows that 30% of this people live under poverty condition and these are the main targeted people whom we hope to benefit from the project.
These people need is water, many people in this community lack water; they normally get water from streams and rain as their first source of water. Which as caused many people to get different kind of sickness, for example typhoid and many other sicknesses?

If someone get chance and see where this people really get water from you may wonder how they survive.
Childcare / Children, Health / Medical, Building / Construction
Skills Needed
No Skills Needed
Accommodation NOT Provided - Minimum Stay: None
Average Cost per Week ($USD)
$100 per week
Estimate only - contact this Organization for actual costs to Volunteer
  • Pre-Departure Orientation
  • 3 Meals per Day
  • Volunteer Hostel
  • Homestay
  • Local Transport
  • Airport Pickup and Drop Off
  • Internet

Costs do not include Flights, Visas, Vaccinations, Insurance, Spending Money, 2-Meals-per-Day, 1-Meal-per-Day
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