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Vision For Vulnerable Communities Foundation
  • Kampala, Uganda
English, French, Spanish
Organization Description
VIVCOM Foundation- Vision for Vulnerable Communities Foundation (founded in 2012) is a registered Charity Non-governmental Community based organization No.WCBO/1605/15. Our physical office location is in Nabweru, Wakiso District (Uganda).
To see an empowered, enlightened and equipped community for sustainable development.
We stimulate Vulnerable Communities to enhance viable growth.
• To become a platform aiming at transforming poor communities to live above the poverty line.
• To implement programs aimed at improving child rights and youth welfare.
• To implement programs aimed at boosting house hold incomes.
• To protect the environment.
• To spear head projects aimed at sensitizing and providing awareness to communities.
Love with Action, Love in Truth.
1. Accountability
2. Integrity
3. Team work
4. Passion
5. Resilience

Pillars of our Organization
1. Servant Leadership
2. Excellence in Jesus Christ

Household and family vulnerability levels in Uganda expose children to high risks of malnutrition, homelessness and severe impoverishment. Such households cannot provide basic needs to family members and the children, such as education, proper shelter or even feed their children. These families therefore thrive in destitute and insolvent circumstances.
The vulnerability levels in Ugandan households occur in threefold, symbolic measures manifest themselves in insurmountable rates and Critically Vulnerable households exhaust traits such as orphaned households, Families with children infected and affected with HIV, Child Headed Households and Children with Disability. Moderately vulnerable households exemplify traits such as elderly headed households, impoverished families as well as families in fishing communities, generally vulnerable households include single headed households where parents separated or divorced, households in bad/poor housing facilities, polygamous households and households in slum communities.
Vision for Vulnerable Communities Foundation has resorted to empowering such households by ushering them to a better living as compared to what they had before through helping the absolute poor to make a great impact on the society and thereby decreases the poverty burden in the country.

Education prepares people for life by developing their character and career. We ensure all school age going children attend the project school situated in Nabweru south, however technical and vocational training will be given to older children.
Vision For Vulnerable Communities Foundation offers a vision Homestead Scholarship (VHS) to pupils who excel in our school, this scholarship program is managed from contributions made from each vision home accruing from the saving raised from the income generating activities from each vision home. This in doing ensures that vision parents and guardians are part and parcel to the child’s education, parents & guardians encourage children to read hard to get the award, positive competiveness amongst vision families’ and so to motivate school age going children belonging to our project.
(a) We provide counseling and incidences of rehabilitation services; we do referrals to government rehabilitation centers to stabilize the livelihood of orphans and
vulnerable children, psychologically and socially.
(b) We Care for orphans and vulnerable children and ensure that they are physically and socially
(c) We do brainpower and feed children with a balanced diet so as to promote their growth and
ensure that children's cognitive, spiritual, mental and intellectual capacity are well developed.
We provide ethical, low-cost volunteering abroad programs in Uganda to people of all ages and backgrounds with opportunities to have an active part in helping develop a local community, and we accept donations to improve standard of life for the Orphans and Vulnerable Children and people affected and infected with HIV/AIDS
Volunteer Projects include: Community work, Medical work, Leisure & Sports Coaching, Teaching & Education, Environmental Conservation, Farming, Economic & Fundraising, Social and spiritual development, Expedition, Business development, Corporate Volunteering, Family Volunteering, Tailor-made opportunities for individuals and groups.
You will be encouraged to take part in a flexible schedule which will include some or all the activities offered by the program. The exchange of ideas, experiences and culture is encouraged. This placement sometimes requires walking short distances in the sun; you are encouraged to bring protective clothing and shoes.
This includes home visits to elderly, disabled, and persons living with HIV/AIDS to give company, offer relief, and assess needs. Volunteers will work with orphans, elderly caretakers, HIV-positive children, women and other vulnerable groups. Our volunteers will conduct home and school based visits to meet the practical as well as psychosocial needs of our target groups. Volunteers will be required to carry out fundraising on behalf of our organization so as to enable us finance our projects.
Teaching English, Math, French and other subjects, organize games and arts. The main aim is to create a loving environment for children. Telling stories, Help in the construction of the new Centers and schools. Carpentry, builders, porters and helpers, group volunteering is welcome, Fundraisers contact us for details.
• We give you the opportunity to experience life as a local.
• For the more adventurous, you can take part in one of our Safari trips around Uganda.
• You enrich your sense of purpose in life.
• You discover new exotic foods.
• You learn new skills.
• You Boost your CV.
• Passing on your own Knowledge.
We are very particular about financial transparency for all interested volunteers. Volunteers pay partly of the money to our organization before travelling and this enables us to organize their stay in Uganda and the balance is paid on your arrival to cover your accommodation and meals and this helps us run the projects and your volunteering stay successfully.
Want to apply?:
Tel : +256705152084 / +256775152084

Summer Work Camp:
Each summer Vision For Vulnerable Communities Foundation hosts volunteers from around the world for a month (four weeks), for the annual Summer Work Camp to support the organization in a specific project that will give back to the community. Volunteers have the opportunity to get to work with people in the community and begin to understand the local context while engaging with the community they are supporting. We emphasize hands-on learning and cultural exchange. We have used this program to better reach the youth audience in Western countries looking to enrich a study-abroad or travel opportunity by visiting Uganda. These young people become a power resource and a network for VIVCOM Foundation to capitalize on.

VVCOM will have Vision clinic not only for the use of our underprivileged vision homes and vulnerable children but it will also be available to the surrounding community. The clinic will meet the everyday healthcare needs of the Vision Homesteads and surrounding community and regular missions from medical teams will help take care of their special medical requirements during the year.
VIVCOM Foundation also encourages all Vision families to grow medicines such as Aloe vera which are medicinal, acquire mosquito nets and conducts continuous monthly community work in the homestead to ensure good hygiene and rewarding the community for instance tiding and maintaining of the community water collecting points.
VIVCOM Foundation stretches out into agriculture and the vision homes work towards contributing to the food security of the entire homestead, this begins when the Vision homestead identifies a project that seems tenable to support the entire stead granary/ food basket, each vision home is required to do some rearing so as to improve on the family income as well as supplement the home diet. During the holiday (School break) Vision children have a program of visiting the agricultural projects of their homesteads so that they get involved in the work going on as well as learn hands on.
Feeding program
VIVCOM concedes that most of the vulnerable households thrive on one or no meal a day and this has negatively affected families forcing children into dubious acts such as child labor, petty commercial sex and school drop outs to fend for their families, VIVCOM therefore asserts with the VIVCOM feeding program which is composed of food commodities both donated and those generated from the VIVCOM agricultural projects as well as projects initiated by the Vision homesteads such a vice can be toppled.
VIVCOM therefore works with any well-wisher individual, or organization with a philanthropic desire to extend a donation, grant or any contribution to the VIVCOM Food Basket (VFB) i.e. the feeding program.

VIVCOM believes vision families are the basic units of all social and spiritual development because they are the primary sources of socialization, which moral obligation can be copied or transferred to the wider Vision Homestead; the vision homes are a good example and agents of change to other homes in the community.
With the VIVCOM physical- social network its incumbent upon members of the wider stead to ensure that children and members act morally upright in a manner that is befitting in the homestead and in society. Through the vision Social Capital Trust (VSCT) vision homes build relationships based on trust to instill a habit of helping one another in times of need, as VIVCOM we believe trust is the foundation upon which relationships thrive. In order to strengthen such relationships we strongly emphasize exchange visits amongst vision families where the host family not only feeds the visiting family but also gives a valuable gift that can be reproductive and thereby improving the standard of living of the visiting family, this makes the vision exchange visits more productive while the other family witnesses that such a gift grows to benefit the receiver family. Proverbs 21:28.
During the week vision families meet in homestead cells to draw inspiration from the word of God and VIVCOM identifies competent persons who could come to share as well as talk to the vision families through VIVCOM speaker series, this gives encouragement as well as share of experience with such persons deemed suitable.

VIVCOM engages all vision children in many extra-curricular activities, such as soccer, Music Dance and Drama, which helps to foster the psycho-social development of the children. Youth workers, operating under the social work umbrella, facilitate activities (interpersonally and in groups) which helps the children deal with and overcome any trauma and brokenness from their past, VIVCOM identifies places deemed fit for children to engage in sports and leisure, vision parents during such events hand the children to the VIVCOM sports coordinators.
VIVCOM believes children have inherent talent and profound abilities, which if well harvested, can be beneficial to these children and the community as a whole; it’s from this perspective that VIVCOM identifies talented members such as athletes, artists, doctors and from various professions both locally and internationally to inspire vision children.
(a) We organize charity walks and other fund raising activities so as to fundraise for the
(b) We operating income generating activities, such as shops, sale of art pieces, secretarial
services, like photocopying, etc.
(c) We guide tourists all over the world for Slum Tours through Kampala.
This program is designed to offer our community the requisite hands on skills that can enable them transit from a life of insolvent and felony to a productive occupation. Here we came up with a list of programs as seen below:
Arts & Local Crafts
We design art and crafts to enable the community to gain valuable technical skills as well as expand their creative horizons. We inspire our artists to critically think, introspect and solve problems through creative designs that appeal to the everyday urban dweller. We teach our artists to appreciate the bond between art and culture as well as inspire them to explore new art styles.

Catering & Food Services
Catering and food services is taught using a variety of ingredients and equipment in order to learn the skills needed to produce food in a commercial environment. We emphasize personal and food hygiene, health and safety and as well as customer care essential for the hospitality and catering industry.
Computer Literacy & Graphic Design
We equip our community with basic computer applications including MS. Word, Excel, PowerPoint as well as internet and webmail. This package is usually given as a preparatory module for learners taking the graphic design course and includes understanding the principles conceptually and learning how to apply them.

Hairdressing & Cosmetology
We teach the community art and beauty. It has a variety of modules including manicure and pedicure, hair styling, cutting and color, making up which also covers eyebrows and lushes as well as ear piercing.

Electronics Maintenance and Repair
We enable participants to diagnose and repair system level faults in basic electronics systems (radios, computers, televisions e.t.c) at foundation level. At the end of the series practice, participants should be able to demonstrate a practical understanding of basic electronic systems and independently undertake basic repairs.

Tailoring &Fashion Design
The Tailoring and fashion design practical sessions are intended to support learners appreciate the use of modern sewing machines for commercial purposes. The training is practical and uses African fabrics helping learners gain hands on skills of making garments for the local market including dresses, shirts, trousers and skirts among others. Some participants opt to further gain additional training and skills in fashion and design.
Photography and Videography
In still life photography, we offer hands on skills to learners including how to use the latest cameras and produce high definition pictures. We also expose the students to the various mediums of photography including portrait, wildlife or landscape as well as teach them how to use light and shadows during a photo shoot. Video editing on the other hand covers the basics and is taught using a final cut pro software and includes story and editing, Final Cut Basics, how to import and conduct editing.


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Childcare / Children, Education, Sports
Skills Needed
Fundraising, Communication skills, Networking skills, Social work and social administrarion, Community Development, Public relations, Mass Communication, I.T Specialist, Advanced computer skills, Administration
Accommodation Provided - Minimum Stay: 2 weeks
Average Cost per Week ($USD)
$375 per week
Estimate only - contact this Organization for actual costs to Volunteer
  • 2 Meals per Day
  • Homestay
  • Airport Pickup and Drop Off
  • Internet

Costs do not include Flights, Visas, Vaccinations, Insurance, Spending Money, Pre-Departure-Orientation, 3-Meals-per-Day, 1-Meal-per-Day, Volunteer-Hostel, Local-Transport
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