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Vietnamese Community Volunteering

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  • Hanoi, Vietnam
Organization Description
About Us:
We are a social enterprise for educational development, cultural exchange and tourism based in Viet Nam. Specialising in helping our students with their education, training and skills development and international co-operation.

Our Aim:
We believe that education is fundamental to sustainable development, therefore our aim is to create an open and fair learning environment for all our participants to learn. At many universities in Viet Nam, students learn a lot of English grammar but rarely are they taught to correctly speak and converse in English. Once they graduate, then, they have difficulties finding employment in the best paying jobs, which often require these English language skills.

We aim to give our students the best chance possible to improve their speaking skills, to find a good job and improve their overall well-being.

Who are our students?
Within the communities we operate we strive to do so without any regard for the economic status or background of the students. As such, we offer some free and subsidised classes in order to welcome students from disadvantaged backgrounds; as well as, providing classes for business professionals looking to improve their working English.

Where you fit in:
Along with our students, the most important part of our organisation is our volunteers. We recognise that they are an integral element in providing an environment that supports the educational and cultural development of our students.

We will provide you a good quality of life during your stay in Viet Nam. Our full-time staff will be on hand to provide you with a tidy space to live and work, and offer you all sorts of authentic Vietnamese meals throughout the day,

Along with our students, they enjoy helping our volunteers anytime, and are more than happy to become your tour guide, They'll be able to take you to the sites of Hanoi not well trod by your average traveller.

We need English speaking volunteers from all over the world, especially from countries such as America, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, etc... who could help us together in different programs.

We don't require a teaching certificate, but do prefer you to have some experience of teaching. However, if you have no experience but are passionate about helping our students, we're more than willing to help you get to grips with teaching.

To support our volunteers with their teaching and preparation we have a number resources available, including: class books, teacher's book (very detailed on how to teach lessons in the language centre), flashcards, media, CDs, game ideas and other ideas to make their classes more exciting. Along with discussing fun ideas with your fellow volunteers and us.

Upon completion you'll be provided a certificate and letter of recommendation.

*** REQUIRE***: Because the children get familiar with the teachers, we're prefer volunteers who can stay for 6 weeks at least. The volunteer will gain a huge and deeper teaching experiences if they want to become a qualitified teacher in the future.

Where we work:
We offer classes in the three locations: VCV volunteer apartment, a local language centre, and a school in the outskirts of Hanoi (12km from the Old Quarter).

1. Hanoi Language Centre

- These classes are more structured, so you'll be able to apply your existing experience in a new environment or gain lots of teaching experience in a welcoming atmosphere.
- A great introduction if you are looking to teach professionally in the future.
- Throughout your class a Vietnamese will be on hand to help you explain lesson plans to the children.
- There are detailed teacher book guides for these classes for you to follow, if you wish.
- The age of the students is 5-13 years old.
- You'll be teaching them: pronunciation, conversational English, new words and some grammar.
- The children are very nice, enthusiastic and eager to learn; they have some experiences with learning English previously.

2. Hanoi Outskirts

- Here you will be teaching English to rural children living in the outskirts of Hanoi.
- This is not only about teaching them English but also providing cultural exchange and sharing sharing experiences.
- Many of these children have little experience with foreign culture, so this is a great benefit and opportunity for these rural communities to expand their horizons and gain exposure to people of a different background.

3. VCV Volunteer Apartment

- in our volunteer home, we run very low price and free classes.
- You'll help: the unemployed and disadvantaged youths better their chances in improving their lives; university students looking to improve their english to increase their future job prospects; business professionals hoping to be more competitive in the work place; and any one else that we can find!
- Class ages are from from children to adults.
- Topics are varied and there is plenty of opportunities to share your experiences, exchange language skills, and gain knowledge of our culture and way of life.
- The students are enthusiastic learners, very friendly and always eager to help out our volunteers..
- The students regularly offer to guide our volunteers and we organise weekly day trips to various sites around and near Hanoi.


1. Weekly teambuilding/job skills development at local coffee shop/weekly social gathering in the volunteer apartment.

- A GREAT WAY for Cultural Exchange
- This is a less formal opportunity to share experiences with our students and make friends.
- We aims to increase their conversational abilities and to increase their skills for the work place.
- Outside of working at the café, students participate in workshops, team building exercises, watching films and other activities to make them a more attractive candidates to employers.
- This is the perfect opportunity if you have any work experiences/skills to share with the students.

2. Social outing.

- A GREAT WAY TO EXPLORE VIETNAM and participate in cultural exchanges through the local people, foods and customs.
- We take weekly day trips to local sites.
- Another chance to socialise with the students in a more relaxed setting outside of the classroom.

3. Learning Vietnamese.

- We can help our volunteers to learn Vietnamese, if they want.

4. Serve under privileged communities of Hanoi.

- We are raising a fund to help the homeless and under privileged people living in Hanoi
- We support them by providing food, water and milk to get them through difficult times.
- Volunteers will see many aspects of life in Ha Noi, meet many people in different situations, and learn about their problems.
-1-2 times per month

****** VOLUNTEER CERTIFICATE and RECOMMENDATION LETTER, with stamp will be provided ******


• FREE fast WIFI
• FREE different, delicious food for breakfast, lunch and dinner per day.
• FREE ACCOMMODATION when you stay at our home.
• PICNICs, TRAVELING in outskirts of Hanoi and surrounding areas.
• Coffee, Lipton tea, green tea, cacao, cake, fruits, noodles, bread, pasta, ...FOR FREE.

• • • • • • • • FOR A PROJECT IN HANOI CENTER WITH NO FEE • • • • • • • •

• A nice apartment for all volunteers with 01 living room + 02 bedrooms with priviate bed and mattress + 02 bathrooms + 01 kitchen room + Balcony with beautiful view.
• Washing machine + air-conditioning per bedroom + hot water machine + bottle water + sofa + television + fridge + wardrobes + microwave

• This area is called Ha Noi Modern Center. EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN OUR AREA.
• Only 20 minutes by motorbike to the Old Quarter or walking to the bus station to get to Old Quarter and around Hanoi.
• It’s also easy to go to My Dinh station (1.5kms from apartment) to catch the bus/car to travel Vietnam.
• There are lots of restaurant, coffee shop, supermarket, local market, taxi, hospital,
• It’s very close to the football field, park, banks with ATMs, cinemas, Gyms, Yoga center,,...
• Close to the National Sports Stadium (My Dinh stadium) where there are many national and international sporting competitions.
• Nearby is Hanoi museum and National Convention Center - the biggest multifunctional building in Ha Noi. This convention and exhibition center is one of the most famous venues in Vietnam.

• • • • • • • • FOR OUR PROJECT IN HANOI OUTSKIRT WITH NO FEE • • • • • • • •

A nice house similar to homestay where has 03 floors with 03 diffirent rooms and quite good facilities. The room for volunteer at second floor. There are a bathroom, a bedroom (bedroom sharing with other volunteers but priviate bed).

• HOT WATER + AIR-CONDITIONING + free WIFI + free laundry.

• It takes less than five minutes to go to the school where you will be teaching.
• Very close to the District Stadium with Gym, Swimming pool (Open in the summer), etc.
• Local market, shool, hospitap, bank,
• Very good security, fresh air. Friendly and open-minded people.
Sometimes, there are some traditional festivals’ for the community to enjoy.
It’s EASY TO TRAVEL from this area; including Hanoi city center. It will only take 20 minutes by motorbike to the Old Quarter.
At the project at outskirts of Hanoi. The volunteer can try the massage service of the blind to advocate them. The price of massage is very low. This is a good and meaning-full job for the blind who can earn money by themself.

Volunteer certificate, recommendation letter, with stamp.
• Pre-departure information and advice
• In-country assistance and support
• Transportation: pick-up, meet and see off by motorbike, bus when teaching, travelling.
• Support given to take volunteer/s to the bus station.

What's NOT included?
Flights. Insurance. Visa. Transportation: airport drop-off but helping with the transport and picking up at a bus station in Hanoi.
Childcare / Children, Education, Business
Skills Needed
English Teaching, English fluency, Child education, teaching, Adult education
Accommodation Provided - Minimum Stay: 2 months
Average Cost per Week ($USD)
$0 per week
Estimate only - contact this Organization for actual costs to Volunteer
  • 3 Meals per Day
  • Homestay
  • Local Transport
  • Internet

Costs do not include Flights, Visas, Vaccinations, Insurance, Spending Money, Pre-Departure-Orientation, 2-Meals-per-Day, 1-Meal-per-Day, Volunteer-Hostel, Airport-Pickup-and-Drop-Off
Ms Hay


Vietnamese Community Volunteering Average Ratings
I spent almost 2 months at VCV and had a fabulous time. I loved not only teaching, but building friendships with the students in the adult classes. They were all incredibly motivated to learn, full of enthusiasm, and very good fun! I am still in touch with many of the students, who were so instrumental in making my experience in Ha Noi so great! The day trips, where we went to various interesting places with the students, travelling on the back of the students' motorbikes, provided me with many great memories, as well as the chance for the students to converse with volunteers in a more informal, less contrived setting. 2 days a week were set aside for volunteers to either get some well-earned rest or explore more of the surrounding area. However, one thing I learned during my travels...
I had an amazing time here. I had never taught English before and had no idea what to expect but once I got there I was shown some really good resources to help me plan my lessons. You teach at both a learning centre (children) and also at the apartment (children and adults) which can sometimes be overwhelming with a lot of people at the house but its actually a really good way of meeting new people and it makes the lessons at the apartment seem a lot more relaxed. The children are so cute and really well behaved. Make sure to teach and play lots of learning games with them because they love games! Ms Hay and other volunteers can suggest games to play if you don't really know any before heading to VCV like me. The adult lessons are taught with another volunteer which is awesome...
It's a very good time here. The teaching experience is wonderful, and the community is nice. If there's anything I think people should know, I think that it's quite tight quarters. Expect to share a room and bathroom with 2-3 people, which is entirely the norm for Vietnam. The classes take place in the living room, so sometimes students are in the apartment. Expect to teach 7-8 classes a week, with 2 days off being the norm. With that being said, Ms. Hay is flexible and if you ask her for a certain block of days off, she is entirely willing to let you have them. She and the team cook great food for lunch and dinner, and breakfast is usually a mixture of bread and fruit. This is a great program if you need teaching experience for a job later on, or if you'd like a...
I contacted VCV a few weeks before starting volunteering. Ms Hay was very quick to respond with information and to confirm my dates for volunteering. I've just finished 6 weeks of volunteering here and have really enjoyed it. We teach mainly adult classes in the apartment where we live, these are mostly in the evening. The students are very enthusiastic and motivated to learn which is great. We also teach children at a school nearby, about 30 minutes on a motorbike. There is a lot of flexibility in planning lessons for the classes at the apartment. We go on a trip with students once a week and students are often at the apartment which allows you to get to know them outside of classes. I've really enjoyed working with the other volunteers and everyone at VCV. I would...
I applied to VCV just 2 weeks before I came to Vietnam, I was in contact with Ms.Hay who was very helpful and quick to process the application. When I arrived I immediately felt at home. The other volunteers were all very nice and the students were so friendly. Ms. Hay cooks the best Vietnamese food on earth and I would highly recommend VCV to anyone who wants to get a real vietnam experience and make many friends. The classes were also great, I was teaching some classes aged 8-12 and other classes were aged 20-35. The hours were very reasonable, I always had 2 days off per week. I am very happy with my experience in Hanoi and thank you Ms. Hay for everything. hope we can meet again some day!
I started at VCV at the end of March, and am staying until the end of May. I have absolutely loved this experience and do not have a bad word to say about my time here. I was instantly welcomed into the VCV family by ms Hay, her Vietnamese helpers and other teacher volunteers. It was my first time ever teaching English as a second language, but I had all the help and resources I could hope for. Apart from being very nervous in my first week, I soon got into the flow of teaching and planning my own lessons. Ms Hay is a very dedicated, generous and thoughtful person, who always wants to look after her teachers and students. She cooks amazing food, which I'd consider to be the best in Vietnam. The day trips that we are lucky enough to go on every week, are amazing experiences for us and...
Ms. Hay makes VCV feel like a family. All the students were incredibly enthusiastic about learning English. The fellow volunteers have become friends for life. The apartment is in an incredible area, everything is easily accessible. And the food.... Ms. Hay makes the best food in Vietnam, hands down. I cannot recommend volunteering at VCV enough! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!
VCV has been a life-changing experience for me. I came in as a teacher but I believe I have learnt the most here. Ms Hay and the VCV family have taught me so many lessons and it has truly been a humbling experience. I have made friends for life and I cannot wait to re-visit and see how everyone is doing. Practical Information: I taught five days a week and the days off were flexible. If I wanted two consecutive days off, Ms Hay would ensure this happened. I shared a room with two other people and there were three bathrooms for use. We all chipped in with the cleaning and so the apartment was lovely to live in and very homey. I do not exaggerate when I say this, Ms Hay's food is the best Vietnamese food you will eat. There are three meals a day provided. Every Thursday and...
This was a great place to volunteer. The people and kids teachers and other volunteers were awesome. I have so many new friends now because of the experience. Miss Hay went out of her way to make my accommodations more comfortable. She is also a very fine cook and I wish she was making my meals right no but she is not. I was there from October till April 1st. The teachers also were very helpful and nice. I still get the kids to say hi to me on facebook so that is so rewarding alone let alone the rest of the experience. I can't say enough good things but would without a doubt recommend it anytime. Thank You Miss Hay, Clay Hornbaker