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Community Based Organization

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Victoria Falls Volunteers Zambia

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  • Livingstone , Zambia
Bengali, Afrikaans, English
Organization Description
Volunteer house is located at the center of Livingstone city, 1 Km walk to town 8 km to the Victoria falls and 6 km to the airport accommodation, airport pick ups guide to Victoria Falls, family church visits, markets and rural community Tours are organised .

Our volunteer programs are as follows:

-Orphans/vulnerable children
-Community work
-Teaching and education
-Sports and recreation activities
-Medical/health work
-Women and Youth
-Children day Care
-Construction Projects
-Village Volunteering

Volunteers will also have an opportunity to do many other tourist activities during their leisure time like bungee jumps, game drives, boat cruise, helicopter rides, Victoria Falls, micro light, Chobe game pack in Botswana, Rural Area/Compounds visit Mukuni Village, white water rafting etc.

We look forward to hearing from you.

FOF is a charitable organization based in Kitwe which is 490km from Lusaka the capital city of Zambia and 950km from Livingstone. FOF has got more than 20 orphan centre’s across some rural parts of Zambia. FOF was founded by Mrs. Faith Liyena, a nurse who has a heart for orphans. It was started in 1991 .The overall objective is to mobilize and equip orphanaged and vulnerable children with a foundation to fulfill their destiny. FOF has a Skills Training Centre, supports some community schools and has a farm for orphans. It is funded by some donors and some self reliance projects. FOF allows volunteers to have a village/ culture experience as some of their centres for orphanage are located in the village. A volunteer lives in a village with some orphans while teaching at a community school and also doing some home visits in the village. A volunteer experiences a real African life as they eat local foods, cook from fire wood, light some candles or traditional lamps for lighting in the night, draws water etc. This experience is unforgettable. This is optional for volunteers. However most of the volunteers really enjoy this experience as it helps them to know and experience a real African life during their programme. FOF needs volunteers who can spend time with the children, play with them and put a smile on their faces.

1. Help with administrative work
2. To teach children in rural community schools
3. To do farming and gardening at the orphan’s farm
4. To help with the poultry at the centre
5. Teaching skills like tailoring and computer at the centre
6. Community out reach
7. Marking books
8. Cooking for orphans
9. Sharpening pencils etc

The orphanage is located 1km from Livingstone town at Calvary church along Lusaka road. The orphanage was started by the church leadership after they realised an increasing number of destitute / vulnerable children from streets who would pass through the church to ask for assistance like food and water. Most of these children are orphans who do not have people to take care of them after their parents passed away, hence stayed on the streets begging for food, sleeping in the streets etc. As the church started helping these children, more children started sleeping in one room of the church which was better than living on the streets.

The church leadership eventually decided to register an orphanage and enrolled 12 street kids and among them a less than two years old baby. The children are aged between 1 year to seventeen years. The church built a house for the orphans at the church and employed a couple to care for the children. Some of the children go to some government schools nearby. The orphanage sustains the children through offerings from church and well wishers who support the children by providing meals, beddings, clothing and school requirements.

The mission of Village of Hope is to rehabilitate the children, educate them and be able to ensure that the children can do something better in their lives when they grow up.

-Helping the children clean up their rooms
-Washing clothes
-Preparing meals for children
-Playing and interacting with children
-Washing dishes
-Helping children with home work
-Teaching younger children basic things (nursery)

This is part of what Dream Livingstone Zambia; a charitable organization does under the sports project. This sports academy was formed after Dream discovered that most of the orphans and vulnerable children in community schools and some compounds lack re-creative activities in their community. Lack of these activities makes these children not to be physically fit.

Dream also realized that sport makes the children to interact socially. Children become very happy when they play together .As they play together, children also share their life experiences with friends which helps relieve pain for some children especially orphans.

One of the objectives of the sport academy was to help educate children about the dangers of HIV/AIDS .This is done as children play soccer, some health advisors /peer educators talk to children about hiv/aids and other health issues which affect children like early prostitution and drug abuse.

Tournaments are arranged for the children from various community schools /orpahanges and other communities. Various teams compete for prizes and medals.
This project is supported by well wishers who donate sports kits and sports attires for the children to use. Some well wishers also sponsor tournaments by providing sports kits and attires and also prizes/medals.

Volunteers are needed to help in:
1) Training children in sport especially soccer
2) Help children do exercises
3) Give education talks to children
4) Play and interact with children

YEDS is an organization which was founded by Sydney, a youth who appreciates sport. He is interested in young orphans and vulnerable children. The organization is based in Livingstone town. The orphans come from various communities surrounding Livingstone Town. The organization was founded to help orphans participate in various sports as a recreative activity. This helps orphans to interact and to keep fit.
YEDS seeks the partnership of other organizations and volunteers to help it to carry out its objectives .It is supported by well wishers who contribute any financial assistance and sports kits and attires.
1. To train the children in football and other sport
2. To help children do some exercises to keep them fit.

This school was founded in 1998 by the Malota Community people. The school is located in the outskirt of Livingstone Town in a poor community called Malota. The community is full of vulnerable poor people most of who are widows and orphaned children.

The community people formed the school because there was no government school nearby for their children. Children meet in poor infrastructure because the school is not funded by the Government. The school is run by local volunteers and community people. It is supported by community people and well wishers. The school has 246 pupils most of who are orphans and vulnerable children.

The school needs the participation of volunteers to help teach the children.

1. Help teach children
2. Help to mark the books
3. Help children to read especially vocabulary (English)
4. Help children with creative activities like outdoor events eg. Sport, poetry, traditional dance, drama, clubs like debate club
5. Interact with Orphan and. Visit (Orphans) guardian homes.
6. Play with children and help them to smile

This is a community school located in the out skirts of Livingstone which is 5km from Livingstone Town centre.

The school was started 10 years ago by a woman from Nakatindi Community who loved the children around and wanted them to be going to school because there was no government school nearby. Most of the children from the community were orphans and were not going to school.

The children started learning from a traditional thatched kitchen and volunteers from the community used to teach them. The number of pupils is above 200 ,aged between3 and 14years. The school runs from pre-school to grade seven. It is run by some government teachers and volunteer teachers (local and international).

1. Marking pupil’s books
2. Helping pupils to read and write
3. Teach subjects like English, maths, science etc
4. Participate in outdoor activities like sport, drama, dancing, debate etc
5. Gardening and Home visits
N.B: volunteers are free to do any other things which can make the children happy and smile

Ngwenya community school is located in the Nwenya compound which is located 5 km from Livingstone town centre . The school was started about 10 years ago by some well wishers who saw the need of vulnerable children going to school as there was no government school within reach. The school has children from pre-school to grade nine aged between 2 and 18 years. Most of the children are vulnerable and orphans. The school is run by government teachers . The school also needs the services of volunteers as teachers are not enough.

The following are some VOLUNTEER DUTIES:
1. Help teach children
2. Help to mark the books
3. Help children to read especially vocabulary (English)
4. Help children with creative activities like outdoor events eg. Sport, poetry, traditional dance, drama, clubs like debate club
5. Interact with Orphan and . Visit ( Orphans) guardian homes.

The school is located in the Linda Community which is about 6km from the Livingstone town centre. The school has about 200 pupils from pre-school to grade seven aged between 2 to 18 years of age.

The school was started due to the rising number of vulnerable children and orphans who were not going to the government schools in the neighborhood as their guardians or parents could not afford to pay for fees at government schools.

The school is run by government teachers from a community meeting place which was donated to the school by the city council. Most of the children at this school are vulnerable or orphans.

The school needs the assistance of volunteers as the teachers are not enough.

-Marking books
-Helping one to one teaching for slow learners
-Helping children with physical exercises
-Playing with children
-Helping to teach the children with the assistance of trained teachers
- Covering books
- Sharpening pencils for children etc.

Livingstone General Hospital is a government Hospital based in Livingstone Town which is 1km from the town centre. This is the only Hospital in Livingstone were most of the cases from local clinics are referred to.

The hospital needs the services of both local and international volunteers to help in the staffing levels as it is a very busy hospital and under staffed.

Volunteers can either be students, qualified medical personnel or retired medical personnel with valid diplomas, degrees and practicing certificates.

NB: Livingstone general hospital works hand in hand with the following local Governments clinics where Volunteers can also work.

- Maramba Clinic
- Dambwa Clinic
- Hillcrest Clinic
Volunteers are welcome to participate in the following Hospital Programmes
.Obstretrics and Gynaecology
.Community outreach programmes
.Under five Clinic (Children)
Maternity Clinic.

The hospice is located 6 km from Livingstone town centre which is about 15 minutes drive. The hospice is located between two shanty compounds called Ngwenya and Malota .The hospice is located in this compound because it was established to meet the medical issues of the people around who are a very poor community and cannot afford to go to fee paying hospitals and are chronically ill.

The hospice was founded by the Livingstone Diocese , a catholic church project . This was started as a concern by the Diocese because there Is no government hospital or clinic nearby. So many cronically ill people would fail to go to far away clinics/hospitals hence some were dying from home for lack of finances to pay for fees and the long distances to hospitals and clinics. Most of the staff are volunteers.

The hospice offers services in the following departments:
.Palliative care:
This is a department were cronically ill people are given medical care and taken care of.
.Anti rotriviral therapy :
Occupational /physio –Therapy :
A department where very sick people are helped to do some exercises to help them recover and counseling.
HIV/AIDS counseling:
Counselling is offered to people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS
The hospice appreciates the support of qualified and experienced volunteers to render the following services:
.taking the patients temperature reading, blood pressure,weight (any other medical work in the wards)
.taking patients to the wards
.making up the beds for patients
.giving patients medicines after the doctor or medical officer’s prescription
.helping patients to bath and to eat
.helping patients to exercise(physio therapy)
.testing for HIV/AIDS and counseling

The Maramba clininc is located 3 km from the Livingstone town centre. The clinic is run by the government and administrated by the District Board of Management. The staff who work at the clinic are employed by the government. The clinic is located in the Maramba compound which is highly populated area covering a population of above 30, 000 people .The clinic is mostly short of staff, hence both local and international volunteers work to boost staff number.
Maramba clinic attends to people from all age groups starting from day old babies. The clinic has various departments like paediatric, maternity ward, out patience department, a male ward, female ward etc.
The clinic operates 24 hours a day. Staff work 8 hours per particular shift.The clinic also operates counseling programmes and community out-reach programmes.

Main Duties for Volunteers:
-weighing children under five of age
-vaccinations for children
-ante natal clinic
-taking temperature readings
-taking blood pressure readings
-dispensing medicines to patients
-making beds for patients etc

• babies born from HIV positive mothers in Libuyu Extension
• Women infected with HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS Community Initiative was founded in Livingstone in 2008, with the aim of making the standard life better for women infected with HIV/AIDS after observing that family life was disturbed after the illness. A lot of women infected with the virus were either not working or widows .Whenever these women had babies , they were failing to buy supplementary foods for babies when they weaned them at the age of between 3 and 6 months to avoid these babies get the infection through breast feeding when the babies developed teeth.

The main objective of the project was to provide emotional and medical support to these infected women by giving them educational and nutrional talks through some trained care givers and counselors. Women would also meet to do some cooking demonstrations of local healthy foods for the weaned babies. Women would alos be taught some skills like gardening , tailoring and sewing, some interpreneurship so tha they can be self reliant after the programme.

The organization has secured a farm located in the Linda farm area .The women meet at the farm to have some educational and motivational talks. The women also do some cooking demonstrations , poultry farming and gardening.

-Teaching women on positive living
-Cooking demonstrations of nutritional foods
-teaching women skills like sewing, knitting
-educational talks on income generating projects
-home visits

This is a club which was founded by women from Malota Community who are helping in running Malota Community school. Most of the women are widows whose husbands died of HIV/AIDS and they are poor and vulnerable. Most of the women do not have stable income. They meet together to sew and learn many other skills to help them become sustainable. Women also help to prepare food for the orphans at Malota community school.

The club needs some volunteers to:
1. teach women skills like sewing, knitting and cookery(baking) ,
2. reading and writing
3. Making porridge for School Children
4. Volunteers are free to do anything which can help the women
The Maramba Old People’s Home caters to elderly residents from Livingstone and the surrounding area who can no longer take care of themselves and have no one to look after them. The under-staffed, under-funded facility needs lots of attention, but perhaps the greatest need for its residents is the interaction and support that visitors provide for the elderly people.

The home needs the participation of volunteers to hep in the following ways:
1. Help feed elderly people
2. Clean the rooms for elderly people
3. Do laundry
4. Interact and tell stories to cheer up the elders

Livingstone Day Cheshire Home is being managed by the Little Sisters of St. Francis in Livingstone Diocese, The Cheshire Home opened in 1996 when 15 children with disabilities were identified and registered. At present it has 102 registered children with disabilities. The catchment area is vast; it provides services to the areas of Livingstone and Kazungula. It is located 1km from the Livingstone town centre.

Aim of Cheshire Home
The main aim of the Home is to offer Holistic Functional Rehabilitation to children with physical and learning disabilities.

The services include:
• Provision of physiotherapy exercises and provision of mobility Aids and Appliances e.g. callipers, wheelchairs, crutches, artificial limbs etc.
• Provision of Education to children with special needs.

The Home had no structure where they could do learning programmes with the children i.e. teaching them basic care skills, survival skills and basic education to prepare them for primary education in mainstream and special education unit schools. Education is one of the several areas of need and rights of these disabled children, therefore it is the responsibility of the Cheshire Home to create an opportunity to answer this important need. The Home consisted of a single room Day Centre and needed to be extended to include a Learning Disability School and Physiotherapy Centre.

-Helping in preparing meals for children
-Feeding those children who ca not feed themselves
-Helping children do physiotherapy exercises
-Helping some children to move like those in wheel chairs
-Playing with children
-Helping to teach the children with the assistance of trained teachers
-Marking books
-Sharpening pencils for children

The Malota womens club was formed by some women from the Malota compound mostly widows because of difficulties they were facing in this community two years ago. The club comprises 30 women.Most of them are widows, keeping orphans and vulnerable children. Most of these women lost their husbands as a result of Hiv/aids. Most of these women do not work and were finding it very difficult to send their children to school as they could not afford to pay the school fees. These women decided to form a women’s group so that they come together to find ways of doing some simple income generating projects together in order to help them look after their children.

The main objective is to empower these women:
1) To help them sustain their living
2) To offer them training skills
3) To help supporting orphans and vulnerable children at school
1) To help reduce poverty in their families
2) To empower the women economically through skills training
3) To improve their income
1) sewing
2) Knitting
3) Making Door mats
4) Poncho knitting
5) Making Dresses and shorts
6) Tailoring and catering
7) Fabric printing
8) Dolls, Tie and die
Currently the women a doing a business together by selling charcoal in order to raise money for their children
Other activities:
• Women meet once a week to discuss the business they are doing
• Meet together once to cook
• Meet to learn some skills like knitting
• Meet to have motivational talks like on HIV/AIDS
• Meet to learn on some income generating activities
• Do some home visits
What a volunteer can do:
• Teach women some skills
• Teach women on Hiv/aids
• Give educational talks
• Conduct some literacy learning especially in reading and writing basic English
• Community outreach

Linda farm is located east of the Linda compound which is about 6km from Livingstone town centre. The farm has an area of 13.7 hectares of land.
The farm was donated by a white man to the Zambia Council for the blind and handicapped people in 1971 who was moved by the plea of people who were handicapped and living in streets begging for help. The government made it a settlement in 1972 for blind and other disabled people.The farm has 10 houses which are not well maintained and have a lot of cracks and leaking roofs. The main activity on the farm is vegetable farming and poultry at a small scale .Blind and handicapped people each has a portion of garden in which they grow vegetables for selling in order to sustain and support their families. The gardens are surrounded by a small stream where they fetch water using buckets or other containers to water the vegetables. This is very challenging for these people. There are 87 people living at the farm among whom 59 are children. Some of the children go to some community schools in the Linda compound. Other children just stay home as their parents cannot afford to send them to school due to that they cannot afford to pay for their school fees which are a minimal of $10 per term. Most of the adults in the compound are disabled and find it difficult to look after their children. A few local volunteers sometimes help the families to do daily chores and help with the children. The people at the farm support their families by the small incomes from the sale of vegetables from their small portions of land. Sometimes, life is very difficult for these families.

-Watering vegetables in the gardens
-Planting vegetables and weeding vegetables
-Helping sweep the houses of handicapped people
-Cooking food
-Cleaning dishes
-Washing clothes for handicapped people
-Bathing children
-Combing children’s hair
-Washing children’s clothes
-Playing out door games with children
-Teaching children basic things like counting, alphabet, singing songs etc
-Helping school children does their home work
-Interacting with the handicapped elderly people
-Fetching water for the handicapped families from the community tap to their houses
-Helping to give chicken feed and water to the chickens in the poultry
-Helping to pluck the vegetables
Childcare / Children, Education, Women
Skills Needed
Teaching, Building and maintainance, Agriculture, child care, Adult education, Assisting teachers, sport , Adapt well to any environment
Accommodation Provided - Minimum Stay: None
Average Cost per Week ($USD)
$70 per week
Estimate only - contact this Organization for actual costs to Volunteer
  • Pre-Departure Orientation
  • 2 Meals per Day
  • Homestay

Costs do not include Flights, Visas, Vaccinations, Insurance, Spending Money, 3-Meals-per-Day, 1-Meal-per-Day, Volunteer-Hostel, Local-Transport, Airport-Pickup-and-Drop-Off, Internet
Ivor Makasa
Victoria Falls Volunteers Zambia Average Ratings
Ivor is a fantastic host. He made me feel very welcome and safe. He is very knowledgeable and ensures you get a good price for local goods. Ivor owns a rural school just outside Livingstone. The school is run by local and international volunteers. It is a really unique and special feeling to volunteer somewhere off the beaten track. Ivor also offers many volunteer opportunities in Livingstone in schools, clinics and orphanages. He does a lot for his community and offers excellent accommodation for a very cheap price. I have volunteered 3 times in Zambia and you wont find a better volunteering opportunity than this!!! Everything is very flexible to meet your needs :)