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Bang Rachan
Thailand Teach - Volunteer Inn

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  • Bang Rachan, Thailand
English, Thai
Organization Description
We started our programs because vocational training and other forms of education are much needed in
Thailand, especially for the unprivileged youngsters in rural areas.

You don't have to be a teacher! Just the willingness and heart to share your knowledge and time.
During that time they are able to listen while you are speaking English which gives them the
opportunities to improve conversational skills.

We initiate sharing of ideas by involving participants in Thai cultures, lifestyles, traditions, while staying and
involving themselves with the daily life of local villagers. Thai cooking, language, farming, Thai Mud Hut building,
charcoal lessons are also available.

Main group of the educational activities is poor children (mainly primary school students and also some in secondary schools),
as their lives in most instances can be difficult.

Our goal of promoting volunteer programs needs people sharing their personal experiences with others
who have the desire to exchange ideas and knowledge while exploring the world.

Minimum volunteer commitment is 1 (One) week dependent on school schedule. The school year begins in May
and ends in February, with a semester break from late September to mid-October.

There are no administration, service or agency fees when booking our programs directly through
volunteer You are responsible to cover your costs for everything else.

We require a minimum 2 months notice for sharing a basic room in a teachers home with their family. Remember you are part of the
family and will be responsible in sharing most of the house hold chores.
A fee to the host/school/program of around $ 28.50 US a day per person is requested to cover expenses on shared accommodations.

Other option with at least 2 weeks notice is a private or semi private room in our guest house.

Both are very close to the villagers in the communities where you will volunteer. (Subject to availability)

Duration: Minimum 1 week to a maximum of 1 year.
Terminal: National airport: Suvarnabhumi (BKK) Bangkok.
Age range: Over 17


Weekly Room Rates, per person, US Funds:

Thai Family - $ 149.00 triple - $ 179.00 double - $ 219.00 single

Air conditioned Guest house - $ 167.00 triple - $ 195.00 double - $ 245.00 single

Monthly Room Rates, per person, US Funds: :

$ 598.00 triple - $ 729.00 double - $ 895.00 single in US Funds

Local fees of 7% additional to all prices quoted and are paid locally upon departure.
Discounts on more than three months and group rates of more than 9 people are available upon request.
Prices subject to change until booking confirmed and deposits received.

Thai Family homes are very clean with fans and beds in a shared home.
Guest house rooms are air-conditioned with raised bed, internet access,
TV , private shared kitchen and washrooms for volunteers only.
Both accommodations include 2 daily meals plus lunch on the days you
volunteer, water, transportation to volunteer site, access to bicycles,
service and administration for the projects.

Why contribute to volunteer?

A valid question that continues to be asked by many.

Please understand Community Based Organizations (CBO) like ourselves have few resources to cover the costs of hosting you.
If funds were available we would use it to create employment for local workers, who have relevant skills we need and stay with
our project long-term.

Organizations provide the peace of mind having someone there to help you communicate, make suggestions in regards to your journey
before and during your program period. Also assist during disruptions or tensions in the local area, emergencies or you simply fall ill.

The funds you contribute go to the cost of your housing, electric, food, water, transport, preparation, supervision, non volunteer staff, up keep,
insurance, and other expenses. Any extra goes toward the project and recruiting you and other volunteers.

Thailand Teach Offers

Pre-arranges your volunteer project before you leave home.
Assistance you with information to obtain a visa (if necessary), but we have no control or the ability to guarantee government issuance
and/or visa availability.
Pick-up from Singburi Bus station. Airport or hotel at an additional fee.
Basic Orientation about the local culture, community, project duties, and lifestyle.
Visit local attractions and participate in various cultural activities based on your volunteer duration at an additional fee where applicable.
Transportation to and from volunteer sites.

What will be expected from me as a program participant?

The ability to listen, adapt and be flexible in all situations. There are always things that come up beyond anyone's control.

Unrelenting energy, good health and belief in what you are doing.

Accept and deal with in a reasonable manner the cultural differences and gaps in communication.

Depending where you are coming from, the heat, humidity, types of foods and other variables can be physically exhausting.

Realization that food you are accustom to is either very expensive or simply not available in rural areas of Thailand.
Meals provided if applicable is made from what is available in our local area.

Creative, good imagination, humour, passion and excitement.

Do not let things get you down easily.

Integrity, honesty and sincerity to the organization, community and others.

Ability to give all of yourself with no expectations of anything in return.

English speaking background is helpful but not a requirement.

Ability to ask any questions before and during your stay. We are here to assist you but need to deal with any issues you may
have as they happen.

Clean up after yourself as you are sharing the facilities with others.

Completed application understanding the information, recommendations, requirements and costs.


Is 18 years of age or older with a Passport or travel document with validity not less than 6 months.
The passport must be valid for traveling to Thailand.

Tourist visa issued by ROYAL THAI CONSULATE GENERAL if staying more than 30 days and less than 60 days.

Have seen a doctor, nurse or health care provider for a health assessment before you travel abroad. This provides an opportunity to:
review your vaccination history, make sure you are up-to-date according to your provincial/territorial vaccination program,
discuss any health concerns you may have related to your trip, and assess your needs based on where you plan to travel and what you plan to do.
Provide copy of travel insurance document from provider of your choice for full duration of your stay.
Dedication to the full term of commitment dependent on school schedule. Minimum volunteer commitment is 1 week dependent on school schedule. Extensions can be arranged with discounted rates for long-term stays.
Enjoy working and serving others in an underprivileged and struggling environment.
Open to foreign cultures and living abroad

To get the most benefit from the experience (and to make the best contribution to the school) we would advise you to spend a minimum
of 4 weeks. The local schools are happy to welcome volunteers for shorter durations. You may choose to stay for up to 6 months or longer.

Make sure to set time aside to travel more of Thailand or surrounding countries. (Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam are popular – they are
a bit “difficult” culturally, but after some weeks in Thailand you will be well-prepared) or further a field (Australia?).

Thailand Volunteer Homestay / Guesthouse

Lodging fees include bi-weekly room cleaning, daily meals, access to guests kitchen, security deposits, processing and registration.

Local government taxes of 7% additional to all prices quoted and are
paid locally upon departure.

All travel arrangements to and from our lodging are solely the guests responsibility. Pick up and drop off from Singburi Bus station is provided free of charge

Airport pick up from Bangkok (BKK) is an option at an additional $75.00 US Funds one way payable prior to arrival. This is a flat rate for 2 to 3 people per vehicle. Buses are available for groups of 7 or more.

Guest house accommodations are separate from the main home about three meters and deluxe room is located in the main home.
Additional pictures available upon request.

Trip cancellation / medical insurance is a requirement during your stay.

Information Regarding our Location

Singburi region (Central Thailand) is 142 km north of Bangkok International Airport on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River.
It was established in the year 1895 during the reign of King Rama V through a consolidation of three small riverside towns including
Sing Buri, In Buri, and Phrom Buri. The province currently occupies an area of 822 square kilometers.

Our home stays main focus is to initiate “cultural exchange” situations. Guests who are interested can be participants in Thai cultures, lifestyles, traditions, while staying and involving themselves with the daily life of local villagers. If you are interested you can volunteer to assist the local community through teaching primarily English, a skill in high demand in rural Thailand, due to the opportunities it can bring about.

The main target group of the educational activities is poor children (mainly primary school students and also some in secondary schools), as their lives in most instances can be difficult and disheartening. We are looking for people who can stimulate self-confidence which promotes happiness.

You don't have to be a teacher! Just need to show a willingness to teach English by simply giving students a chance to listen to speak English! The local English teaching style is mostly based on root learning. Learning by heart, learning grammar, with opportunities to improve conversational skills.

(We try our best to accommodate volunteers who travel alone and request shared accommodation.
Please understand due to gender, time of the year, schedules, or other reasons it may not always be possible or available.)

Watch this video to see more about Sing Buri area.
Childcare / Children, Women, Building / Construction
Skills Needed
Enthusiastic and open minded, Comfortable working as part of a team, Communicate and solve problems effectively, Ability to access your inner child for our youth programs, Honestly asking yourself why you want to volunteer abroad., Graciousness and good humor to unfamiliar circumstances, Adaptability and patience with cultural difference & climate, Comfortable with technology, Light lifting and manual work, Real time and commitment - 1 week preferably longer
Accommodation Provided - Minimum Stay: 1 week
Average Cost per Week ($USD)
$245 per week
Estimate only - contact this Organization for actual costs to Volunteer
  • 2 Meals per Day
  • Volunteer Hostel
  • Homestay
  • Local Transport
  • Internet

Costs do not include Flights, Visas, Vaccinations, Insurance, Spending Money, Pre-Departure-Orientation, 3-Meals-per-Day, 1-Meal-per-Day, Airport-Pickup-and-Drop-Off
Robert Newton


Thailand Teach - Volunteer Inn Average Ratings
Great family-run organization. Robert and Pooh are experienced hosts, and genuinely nice and fun people as well. They took good care of me and made me feel at home. They even took the time to show me around the area, the local sights, markets and temples. A local guide like Pooh is invaluable in learning about a place and connecting with it. The school staff and students were also great. Staff was very appreciative and the students were respectful and paid good attention in class. They were very enthusiastic, friendly, and really wanted to spend time with me. It was quite heart warming and overall a very satisfying experience. I would recommend Thailand Teach highly.
What a truly incredible experience!! I stayed in Thailand from the 29/6/13-14/7/13 and had the most amazing time. The Bang Rachan area is truly beautiful and a very peaceful place to be. The Thai people are lovely and extremely friendly. Far removed from the touristy district, everyone is laid back and no one is trying to rip you off. The actual Guest house was great. The air-conditioned guest rooms are above the house where owner's Robert and Pooh live with their family. This gives you space and privacy when you need it but at the same time you are more than welcome to join in with their regular family life in the house. You never go hungry with Pooh cooking delicious authentic Thai food and she will even teach you her tricks of the trade. The luxuries of a pool and Wi-Fi...
The most accommodating hosts ever. They not only made us feel like home, but also introduced us a great deal of Thai culture in every aspect. The village is in a tranquil country side - perfect getaway from the touristy Thailand. The guest house itself is very clean and comfortable. My husband and I slept really well in the AC room without any trouble. I just love the kids and the school. The principal and the teachers in the school are very friendly and helpful to assist us in teaching. The children are extremely energetic with passion in learning although their resources are not as plentiful as in the big cities. This is a very rewarding volunteer experience.
Most amazing volunteer experience I have ever had. Great accomadations at a guest house. Come to this facility if you are looking to teach English in Thailand. The local school is very appreciative and the children are eager to learn. It is a great place to be as it does not get lots of funding so having volunteer teachers come in for English is a great opportunity for volunteers to help in the community.