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Minga House

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  • Chinchina, Colombia
English, Spanish, French
Organization Description
Minga House is the volunteers guest house and headquarters to the non-for-profit Fundacion International Service Learning Colombia (FISLC). To stay at Minga House, you must volunteer throughout your stay. Who we are: Our foundation was founded by Glen Galindo who has 20+ years experience in U.S. higher education, is former USMC Officer, and the former national director for a U.S.-based logistics company responsible for Latin American operations. There's nothing our team can't handle! Once we understand your professional background and learning interests, our team will propose an individalized service itinerary for the first 7 days. Then you pick and choose where and how long you wish to serve. You'll have a blast doing so!

You may volunteer in the following areas:
HEALTH - Nursing/Medical, Physical Therapy, Pharmacy, Natural Medicine, Nutrition, and Public Health
EDUCATION - K-12, Public, Private, ESL/ELL, Special Education, Physical Education, Coaching
SCIENCE - Agriculture (Coffee, Cacao, Avocados, Citrus, Tomatoes), Ecology, Crop Production, BioControl Natural Pesticides, Animal Science
REC & LEISURE - Sports Management, Physical Education, Coaching, and Bilingual Assistant for Global Health Teams
BUSINESS - Tourism, Business Admin, Hotel Management, Global Market Development
ARTS - Music, Vistual Arts, and Theater

Minga House staff will be involved with you during the planning, in the site introduction, with daily support, and periodic review & reflections. We will be your guide and we'll introduce you to as many people as you'd like to meet! Our goal is that you be fully engaged, SAFE, LEARNING, having FUN, and fully satisfied in your abroad volunteering experience! You'll return home with tons of new friends!

We have operated in Colombia since 2013 coordinating university medical mission teams sent to us from International Service Learning in the U.S. Often times, individuals find themselves exploring Colombia independently wishing they would be having a more 'real' experience engaging with communities in their daily lives and having a more significant role. Yet, it is difficult to have such a rich experience in a safe and efficient manner in a limited amount of travel time & budget as a stranger in a foreign community. Minga House has professional educational staff and active relationships with many NGO's, government entities, and private companies that welcome Minga House guests as volunteers. So, if you wish to join us in service, simply make your reservations and reach out to us to tell us about yourself, your skills, what you'd like to learn, and how you feel both an organization and yourself will benefit from the shared experience. We want to hear what you what believe would be the perfect experience for you. Challenge us! We dare you not to FALL in LOVE with the Colombian coffee region and our wonderful Chinchina community. Come MINGA with us! Stay a week, stay a year! Check out the Coffee Region:

No one grew culturally by staying at fancy resort hotels filled with foreign tourists where the locals are often not even allowed to stay. Minga House is a traditional Colombian home built traditionally with high ceilings, open spaces, and wooden floors. Yet, we have all modern applicances, warm water, and WiFi throughout the facility. We are in the middle of downtown next to the plaza and Cathedral; you'll be the middle of all! We guarantee that you engage with locals in a safe & richly educational manner. Form relationships, perform community service and practice your Spanish. Both Minga Houses (Manizales & Chinchina) are strategically located in beautiful picturesque settings symbolic of the central Colombian coffee culture. Minga Houses are guesthouses with a purpose. You will be given the opportunity to serve one of our partner NGO's and/or Minga House charitable service activities within the local urban and rural communities.​

What is Minga?

Minga entails a collaborative work system that dates back to the Incas. It refers to the commitment, contract or work agreement between two or more people. The word minga also stands for meeting or reunion.

The word minga has continued to evolve in that direction. Nowadays, in South America, it refers to community work or work among friends when they need help from each other. In addition to this, mingas usually include a feast to celebrate the collaboration and hard work.

So here is the idea: invite your neighbor to help paint the fence you share or prune the tree that gives you both shade with the promise of some yummy goodies to reward yourselves. Remember that you share the commitment to keep beautiful, healthy and safe the place where you live, and after all – when was the last time you shared a beer together?

Carry the traditions of the Quechua people to build your community!

Come Minga with us! Reserve your once-in-a-lifetime vacation today!
Childcare / Children, Environment, Health / Medical
Skills Needed
Nursing, Doctor, Education, Musicians, Athletics, soccer and netball assisting sports coaches, Teaching English, Construction, Health, Environmental Conservationists, Healthcare
Accommodation Provided - Minimum Stay: 2 weeks
Average Cost per Week ($USD)
$120 per week
Estimate only - contact this Organization for actual costs to Volunteer
  • Pre-Departure Orientation
  • Volunteer Hostel
  • Homestay
  • Internet

Costs do not include Flights, Visas, Vaccinations, Insurance, Spending Money, 3-Meals-per-Day, 2-Meals-per-Day, 1-Meal-per-Day, Local-Transport, Airport-Pickup-and-Drop-Off
Glen G. Galindo, Ed.M.


Minga House Average Ratings
I had a wonderful experience on my community health volunteer project with Minga House in Chinchina, Colombia in the summer of 2015. Glen, Aidee, the Colombian doctors working with our group, and the entire team were all so supportive and professional. This has been the best experience of my life so far, and, with the way the program maintains relationships with the rural communities we served, I could see that we were making a huge difference in the lives of the people we served.
I have volunteered through Minga House to assist with the Global Health Teams. This experience is unlike an other. Being able to assist vulnerable populations to provide them with health care services and medications, really is a great feeling. The way Minga House is structured and managed, it makes the logistics of the Global Health Teams run very smoothly while also being a great place to stay. The thing I like most about Minga House is the overall goal of assisting many different privately run organizations in the community, to bring unity. There are many different options for volunteering, from a nursing homes and schools to a dog refuge, so there is always an option that aligns with your current studies or career.
I was fortunate enough to have been one of the first beta testers of the global health teams internship program in the summer of 2015 and I can say that it was the best experience of my life. One of my goals in life is to become a part of Doctors Without Borders and an internship with the global health teams was the closest experience to that I have ever had. I was able to help provide medical care and free medications to those that are not able to receive medical attention that they need. On top of that, I was able to learn a lot about different medical conditions and the processes of diagnosing conditions with direct hands-on experiences and working side-by-side with local doctors. My outstanding service trip in Colombia would not have been complete or as fun as it was without also...
My experience here will be one I will never forget. I had the awesome opportunity to work with BioProteccion as an intern during summer 2016, and everything from the program to the people were very organized. I highly recommend this is to anyone who is also looking for something professional yet challenging. I learned so much from my internship and was able to apply my skills and actively engage with the company. I helped with Spanish-to-English translations of public documents, company marketing through their website as well as hosting in their video to market their products. I carried back so much experience & knowledge with me back to the states, and I am applying what I have learned into my studies & professional life in the states! This internship was very hands-on, and the...
I consider my stay in Minga one of the best experiences in my life. In that town, I met influential professionals as well as people I now consider good friends. During my stay in Minga, I completed a nutrition internship in Coopsaludcom, an organization geared towards providing families with food and nutrition education. I worked hand in hand with the organization's dietitian who taught me so much. She was welcoming and never hesitant to answer questions. At Coopsaludcom I had the liberty to be part of different projects. For example, I organized and directed a workshop for mothers of overweight children. The main focus at this workshop was proper nutrition followed by a question/answer session. Also, I was part of the breast feeding campaign. My job at this campaign was to visit...
It is an Excellent organization
Great place to live and work. Overall a great experience in colombia
Minga House is the bomb. I came to Chinchina to assist the community by helping run some clinics and Minga House was an awesome base of operations. Everyone there was able to help out with coordinating events and schedules and were able to get us everything we needed to do a good job. It is a beautiful little place and all the resident staff are angels. I really got to get close to the community and Minga house during my short stay there and I guarantee that I will return for multiple missions in the future. Thank you Minga House.
Minga House is an incredible organization of the International Service Learning organization. Located in the small town of Chinchina and in the heart of the Colombian coffee region, they provide incredible volunteer opportunities to any visitor. Each volunteer receives a personalized volunteer package depending on the skills of the volunteer. In my case, I am a Nurse and my wife is a Teacher. They organized volunteer opportunities in clinics and healthcare for me, and in schools and English courses for my wife. We were also given opportunities to help at a dog sanctuary outside of town, teach or participate in music classes, and to learn to dance "Colombian style" salsa. They will also personalize your volunteering to the amount of time you are able to stay and volunteer. The...