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Community Based Organization

Organization Location: 
Kitega Community Centre
  • Kampala, Uganda
Organization Description
Kitega Community Centre is a Christian founded Ugandan charity located in Kawolo subcounty, Buikwe District, about 40 km from Kampala, the capital of Uganda. Kitega Centre was founded in 1999 to raise awareness about the causes of disabilities and to end discrimination and stigma against disabled children. These children were living neglected and marginal lives because their parents, guardians and community held superstitious beliefs about disabilities. The children were kept at home and denied access to proper education. Kitega Centre intervened to show that with care and support, the disabled children can learn to lead independent, self sufficient lives and can make positive contributions to their family and community.

Over the years Kitega Centre has evolved beyond disability advocacy and awareness to become a full-service community centre. We serve children with disabilities, disadvantaged children such as HIV/AIDS orphans, and the parents and guardians of these children. For the children, we provide academic and vocational training; the vocational training program includes classes on weaving, tailoring, computer literacy, animal husbandry (the rearing of goats, piglets, and chickens), and simple gardening such as growing mushrooms. The disabled children also receive physical therapy with a staff member who is an occupational therapist. Some disabled children have home-based learning programs since they cannot travel to the centre. We also run a school feeding program, called Project Porridge, which feeds the children while they’re at the centre. Project Porridge also feeds students at two nearby schools. Currently, we serve a total of 160 disabled and disadvantaged children.

While the children are our focus, we also provide programs for the children’s parents and guardians to improve their family income so that they have more resources to provide for the children’ needs. For the adults in the community, we provide vocational training and functional literacy classes. Our main adult program, however, is VICOBA (Village Community Banking).

VICOBA is a 12-week training course that culminates in the formation of village-level savings and lending groups consisting of about 30 people each. VICOBA is an entrepreneurial training program as well as a microfinance program; VICOBA members borrow micro-loans to start up income-generating projects. Currently we have facilitated the formation of 10 VICOBA groups, encompassing 320 people. VICOBA members have started up microenterprises such as banana and cabbage farming, brewery, brick-making and stone quarrying, food stalls, animal husbandry, and tailoring. Our five-year plan is to mobilize savings worth USD 60,000 by enrolling 600 more people in VICOBA.

We welcome volunteers to get involved all year round.
Childcare / Children, Education, Women
Skills Needed
Ability to adapt to different cultures, Innovation and creativity, Ability to work under minimum supervision
Accommodation Provided - Minimum Stay: None
Average Cost per Week ($USD)
$140 per week
Estimate only - contact this Organization for actual costs to Volunteer
  • 3 Meals per Day
  • Volunteer Hostel
  • Homestay
  • Airport Pickup and Drop Off

Costs do not include Flights, Visas, Vaccinations, Insurance, Spending Money, Pre-Departure-Orientation, 2-Meals-per-Day, 1-Meal-per-Day, Local-Transport, Internet
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