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Community Based Organization

Organization Location: 
  • Accra, Ghana
Organization Description
Child Life Action Ghana is a non-governmental organization dedicated to assist children,and youths of all needs in education to help economically –disadvantaged ones in rural communities in Ghana and support them in their educational carrier. The aim is to build strong foundation of hope for their future within their respective communities at stake.

Child Life Action Ghana recognized that education is not just a fundamental right; but it is also a powerful force that brings social change, innovation and transformation in a country. Education is the backbone the state lean on for socioeconomic and political development.

CLAG also welcomes all volunteers worldwide due to their specific role they play in teaching and educating these children. There are many ways a volunteer can support our organization through volunteering. A volunteer in the teaching program, can help to empower children by giving them the skills they need for the future and to make their voices be heard. You will enjoy contributing to the education of these children so they can be freed from poverty and filled with the same opportunities like other children around the world. Quality education for children is crucial in reducing poverty and promoting gender equality and you will have the opportunity to experience the joy and satisfaction of being involved in such an important area of these children’s lives. Your support and service change the target group by volunteering with Child Life Action Ghana.

Volunteer to help children as a friend and a care giver as they deserve love, support, education and safe and healthy environments. Teaching English, Art & Craft, help them in physical activities, play games together, sing song with them, teaching music, teaching lessons on hygiene and personal care and just be a friend to these orphans. Being a tool, support and blessing to these innocent children. Help them understand how important they are and they too are equally treated in the society. They too are loved, cared and admired You can also help to teach in the classroom or aid the children in their after-school studies.

Teaching Program

Teach in Pre-Schools and Kindergartens

Teaching English, Art & Craft, help them in physical activities, play games together, sing song with them, teaching music and teaching lessons on hygiene and personal care. Be an assistant to Teachers in whatever the capacity they require in teaching the children

Teach in Primary and Junior High Schools

There are fifty two major languages and hundreds of dialects spoken in Ghana with English, the official language of Ghana, spoken by many. It’s the government of Ghana’s policy for English to be used from the start of primary education up to the tertiary level. Children in rural communities are very keen to learn and improve their conversational English. Most of the schools also put extra emphasis on English education as well as mathematics. The role of the volunteer goes far beyond assisting teaching. Children are attracted to school by the presence of volunteers and your presence also is a proven moral booster for parents and the limited teachers as well as a great inspiration for students. Inexperienced and experienced volunteers can teach vocabulary, assist with pronunciation and support students as they practice speaking English. You don’t have to be a teacher to volunteer on our English teaching project. There is no need to have a TEFL or TESOL qualification to participate in this project. English is an official language of Ghana, but most children first learn an Africa language like Twi, Ewe and Ga so their English is weaker. This project helps the primary and junior secondary class children to learn English and also get education on math, creative arts and science. Volunteers will be provided teaching resources to aid their work at the school. Usually you will teach about 18 hours of conversational English lessons per week. You will also need to take time to prepare your lessons, and correct your student’s work. Many volunteers choose to help out in other areas too, helping students with extra-curricular activities like sports, drama or music lessons for example. Arrangement can be made for you to teach in a pre-school if that is your preference.

Youth (Young women) Skills based Training

Backing of all types, foreign dishes, Hair Styling, free hand sewing and cutting, electronic, healthcare, arts and crafts etc

Please find below the school’s main curriculum:

Language and Literacy
Environmental studies
Creative activities (Music, dance and art)
Physical development
Psycho-social skills English
Integrated Science
Environmental Studies
Basic computer skills
Integrated Science
Computer skills
Fashion Designing

Ghana has three (3) academic semesters in a year as follows;

1st School Break

Start Date: September to December
School Holiday: December to January

2nd School Break

Start Date: January to April
School Holiday: April to May

3rd School Break

Start Date: May to August
School Holiday: August to September

Please note: These dates vary slightly from year to year. They also vary from school to school and should be treated as approximate rather than confirmed dates.

Roles of a Volunteer:

Prepare lesson notes.
Organize learning materials.
Develop a teaching method.
Teach classes through lecturing, discussions and demonstrations.
Discuss output and methods with fellow teachers and supervisor.
Access the performance of the students through work assignments, etc.
Organize recreational games with students.
You will need to improve the low comprehension level and poor pronunciation of students, provide theoretical and practical assistance and aide the teachers interact with the students. Volunteers will receive assistance from us and the local school regarding the lesson plans and teaching curriculum. There will be a Teaching Guide book to assist you in your daily work with the children. Volunteers can bring along teaching materials such as picture books, instruments, flash cards, art supplies, and songs. Classes are generally in session five days a week. The total number of teaching hours is about 25-30 per week.
Volunteers will teach, do skill-based training, counsel, facilitate and provide health care assistance etc

All volunteers would given the following support:
24/7 support from Child Life Action Ghana
Certificate of Appreciation/ letter of recommendation after completion
All volunteers would be given an African clothe, Bag, Slipper, and Wrist wraps as Take-Home gifts before they depart to their prospective countries after completing their service with CLAG
Childcare / Children, Technology, Education
Skills Needed
Teachers: from Basic to College, Arts and Craft, Health Assistant, counseling expect, basic computer skills, Hair stylist, seamstress, Catering
Accommodation Provided - Minimum Stay: 3 months
Average Cost per Week ($USD)
$155 per week
Estimate only - contact this Organization for actual costs to Volunteer
  • 3 Meals per Day
  • Volunteer Hostel
  • Homestay

Costs do not include Flights, Visas, Vaccinations, Insurance, Spending Money, Pre-Departure-Orientation, 2-Meals-per-Day, 1-Meal-per-Day, Local-Transport, Airport-Pickup-and-Drop-Off, Internet
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