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Community Based Organization

Organization Location: 
Alliance for African Women Initiative (AFAWI)
  • Accra, Ghana
Organization Description
Our vision is a world where all women and children are safe from harm in the societies where they live. Our mission is to create environments that enable fair development for vulnerable people in rural and urban settings, particularly women and children. At AFAWI we strive to bring vulnerable people from the margins of society and encourage their social, economic and political participation and engagement.

AFAWI has three strategic way of working : first we conduct an in depth research and studies into issues affecting our communities, secondly we advocate for policy reforms and changes where necessary and thirdly we believe that every one need a a push in life, so we also provide services delivering into programs such women empowerment, sexual education and reproductive health education,monitoring and evaluation of Government pro-poor project, HIV/AIDS, Community development and implementation of some sustainable development goals (SDG's).

An Impactful One Month Opportunity
Connect and collaborate directly with AFAWI staff to work with rural communities to bring education to vulnerable children, who otherwise would not have the opportunity. This is an opportunity to work directly with communities that needs it most.
Education is free at government schools in Ghana. Technically, but in reality there are many hidden costs parents must pay for their children to go to school. These hidden fees (locally known as “Levies”) are for Parent Teachers Association, electricity, security guard, examination ect. On top of this school fee, parents are responsible for providing school uniforms, school supplies and providing lunch. These costs are far beyond what many parents can afford, leaving children without an education and forced to work at a very young age. ECCACHILD project strives to provide education and support to children and parents who need it most. We believe strongly education brings opportunity and prosperity to create brighter futures.
Community: Ga West Municipality
Day 1: Arrive at Kotoka, Stay the night at the hostel facility in Asofan.
Day 2: Orientation at the AFAWI Office
In the morning, you will walk through the community of Asofan to AFAWIs office, meet the local staff and be given an orientation session on Ghana. After lunch, orientation will continue with an overview of the ECCACHILD Project.
Day 3-4: ECCACHILD Project Instructions
After breakfast each of these days, Volunteer Interns will make their way to the AFAWI Office. They will be placed into groups and given information about the communities and schools they will be involved with. Instructions will be given on how the project works and details about the project and communities you will be working in. AFAWI has identified 3 schools in the Ga West municipality that have many children whose lives would be changed by this project. Volunteer Interns will be provided lunch in the office and dinner at the hostel.
Day 5-6: Free time
This is the time Volunteer Interns may wish to explore some of the beautiful beaches or other attractions Ghana has to offer. All meals will be provided at the hostel facility for the weekend. AFAWI staff will be here to provide helpful information or organize a tour for you.
Day 7-11: Access to Health Facilities
Volunteer Interns will now be experts on the ECCACHILD project and it is time to start the ground work and visit the communities. The beginning of the week will be spent visiting the schools, Municipal District Assembly and Social Welfare Office to ensure all the paper work is done before assessments of the community. By the end of the week, the 3 groups of Volunteer Interns will carry out the assessment at the different schools and bring back their findings to the office.
Day 11-13 Cape Coast Adventure ( Optional-To be pay by Volunteers)
Friday Afternoon, Volunteer Interns and AFAWI staff will set off to Cape Coast. This very historic town has many things to see and do. Volunteer Interns will be given a tour of Cape Coast castle and have a glimpse at the fishing village that predates the castle. We will all visit the Kakum National Park to walk across the eight suspension bridges and admire the beautiful scenery of Ghana. On Sunday, everyone will head back to Asofan for much needed rest.

Day 14-18 Analyzing and Reporting
Volunteer Interns will take all of the data collected at the assessments and start the process of enrolling the most vulnerable children into school for this coming September. During this process, there will be liaising with the Health Department to ensure the children are given National Health Insurance Cards and provide healthcare.
Day 19-20 Free Time
Day 21-25 Enrolling Children into school
This week will be spent doing home visits to the children that have been chosen to be enrolled in the ECCACHILD program, providing them with uniform and school supplies. It is also when Volunteer Interns will help in the process of registering the children for the National Health Insurance Card to ensure access to health care.
Day 26-25 Free Time
Day 28-30 Reports and Social Media
It is almost the end of the month, Volunteer Interns will spend the next couple days compiling reports on the work they have done and sharing their findings.
Day 30 (afternoon) – Test your bargaining skills and farewell dinner

Volunteer Interns and AFAWI staff will set off in the afternoon to the Arts Centre to test Volunteer Intern’s bargaining skills and maybe try some drumming. Then to a nice restaurant in Accra to share in a meal before everyone departs the next day.
Day 31 – Departure
Registration Fee: Free
Program Cost: 250EUR + 100EUR Donation
Total: 350 EURS
Childcare / Children, Health / Medical, Women
Skills Needed
Public health, Counselling, Medical, comymunit mobilization, international development, pharmacy, social welfare
Accommodation Provided - Minimum Stay: 1 week
Average Cost per Week ($USD)
$84 per week
Estimate only - contact this Organization for actual costs to Volunteer
  • Pre-Departure Orientation
  • 1 Meal per Day
  • Local Transport
  • Airport Pickup and Drop Off
  • Internet

Costs do not include Flights, Visas, Vaccinations, Insurance, Spending Money, 3-Meals-per-Day, 2-Meals-per-Day, Volunteer-Hostel, Homestay
Philip Kwesi Agyei
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