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Action Now Kenya
  • Rongai, Kenya
Organization Description
Action Now Kenya has been in existence since the year 2000 and officially registered in 2001 as a Non Governmental Organization, under the NGO Act of 1990. Through its16 years of existence, ANK has developed and worked at the grassroot level within various informal settlement areas in Nairobi and since 2013, the informal settlements and rural areas of the Kajiado County. The ANK mission has been that to build capacity of communities and particularly women and their children by developing strategic and innovative interventions in Health, Education and Enterprise development aimed at supporting sustainable livelihoods. Since inception ANK has built strong community linkages and facilitated and supported community ownership of activities implemented. ANK has also over time continued to improve capacity in institutional systems to enable the organization to manage programs and activities under the different projects implemented.

The key programs implemented by ANK have been those in Enterprise development that have included enterprise training and development and micro-credit; Health support whose role has mainly been that of community health education and knowledge and facilitation in accessing health services; and Education that has included life-skills and mentorship through the outreach to schools program. ANK has also been involved in other activities including peace building and conflict resolution.Through its programs in Health, Education and Enterprise development, ANK has since inception reached and supported over 7000 people mostly women, youth and children drawn from the streets, or living within the slums and informal settlements of Nairobi and Kajiado North.

Since 2014, ANK has been involved in grassroots advocacy and has played an active role in supporting county and national level health advocacy agenda through engaging Kajiado County elected leaders. To achieve this, ANK has trained and is currently mentoring 40 grassroot advocates in Kajiado. ANK has also recently played a major role in supporting public participation during county participation forums and has in the last three months through this process influenced 55% of total budget towards supporting Health infrastructure within Kajiado North.

What a new volunteer will expect:

Fortunately once you arrive we shall have airport pick ups and drop off from drivers that we know. You do not have to struggle to find a taxi, or to find our organization.
We shall find you and take you to your place of stay while you are here. Just relax.

A volunteer joining Action Now Kenya will first go through a minimum of three days and a maximum of 7 days of initial induction and orientation that will include introduction of the Kenyan culture, including the food, dressing, security and places of residence, market, malls and other similar places of interest. This is one of the most important stages of the volunteer period.

The volunteers will then be introduced to the work they will be involved in and what will be expected, after which they will be placed to their placement of choice within ANK or within partner community based organizations.

Some of the tasks and activities volunteer will be involved in will include: - Proposal writing, Creating a funding road map and generating relevant linkages for resource mobilization purposes.

A Volunteer may also be involved in Information technology tasks such as helping to build the organization website to improve the organization image, helping children to learn computer skills and creating or updating relevant social media sites.

With regards to the children program, he / she will participate in the outreach to school activities to teach children various topics on life skills including careers, abstinence from drugs, prevention of HIV, or environmental protection and will participate in the Angels of Peace Saturday children's program that includes activities such as drawing, painting, paper art, as well as Tae Kwondo and Zumba training.

For those with skills and interested in being attached to community activities, they may be involved in community dialogue meetings, Community training sessions, field visits and in monitoring and evaluation activities.

For those interested in supporting small community organizations to grow, they will be involved in aspects such as helping them in documentation and record keeping, filing and creation of financial records to assist in transparency and compliance among other things.

While within ANK, Volunteers are greatly encouraged to be creative and to be free to use their skills and talents to grow the organization and to assist the community. Once approved by management, the volunteer can go ahead to implement any activities of their choice agreed upon.

Where interested, volunteers can liaise with Action Now Kenya if they want to take a safari to visit the country for sight seeing, at their own cost. ANK has good links with trusted tourist companies that will help take care of this.

Making a difference and a leaving a lasting impression:

ANK has recently initiated the Circle of Friends Volunteer Program, where interested volunteers can log into the organization website to download further details on their involvement on this program. From the volunteer Alliance linkage, any volunteer interested in joining the circle of friends of Action Now Kenya has the opportunity to contribute a one off $500 seed fund that will go towards supporting the work of Action Now Kenya, or will support any other community organization where they may be attached. The volunteer providing this seed fund will contribute 30% of the fund to support the operational costs of the organization and will use the rest of the funds to implement the agreed upon activity of their choice for the benefit of the organization and community and will serve as remembrance of the volunteer's presence in the organization. Within ANK, such a volunteer will be recognized as one of the members of the Circle of Friends and will receive the attached recognition thereof.

ANK seeks to work with volunteers with integrity and without a criminal record. We will therefore not accept volunteers involved in terrorist activities. As such,volunteers will be required to present records of good conduct from their country of origin and / or residence.

ANK on the other hand will manage the volunteer program in compliance with the Government of Kenya, thereby ensuring security and confidence to any volunteer wishing to volunteer with our organization.

You are Welcome to Action Now Kenya.
Childcare / Children, Health / Medical, Women
Skills Needed
Organizational Development, Proposal and grant writing, Research & Data, Resource Mobilzation skills, Democracy and governance , Information Technology, Documentation, Monitoring & Evaluation, Project design & Programming, Management Information Systems
Accommodation Provided - Minimum Stay: 2 weeks
Average Cost per Week ($USD)
$200 per week
Estimate only - contact this Organization for actual costs to Volunteer
  • 3 Meals per Day
  • Homestay
  • Local Transport
  • Airport Pickup and Drop Off
  • Internet

Costs do not include Flights, Visas, Vaccinations, Insurance, Spending Money, Pre-Departure-Orientation, 2-Meals-per-Day, 1-Meal-per-Day, Volunteer-Hostel
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