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Become an Ambassador

Volunteer Alliance Ambassadors are super volunteers who represent Volunteer Alliance for various regions around the world.

Volunteer Alliance Ambassadors are responsible for promoting Volunteer Alliance and upholding our values. The primary duties of Ambassadors include:

  • Community Based Organization outreach (at least 1 profile build per month)
  • Supporting Community Based Organizations creating and managing their profiles
  • Responding to Volunteer questions about your region
  • Contributing to the Volunteer Alliance Blog
  • Reporting website errors, suggestions, feature requests, etc.
  • Attending Volunteer Alliance meetings via Skype - with other Volunteers!

Ambassadors have super-user privileges on our site and are an integral part of Volunteer Alliance as they enable us to scale beyond what team can contribute themselves.

If you're interested in becoming an Ambassador please Contact Us for more information.

Can I just say that this is an amazing opportunity

We have lived the international volunteering dream; hoping from country to country, meeting tons of amazing new Organizations and helping them build profiles on Volunteer Alliance. These Organizations are already receiving Volunteers who will contribute to their success for years to come.

At the same time we've had an amazing experience and love talking to people about it. Reviews are one thing, but it is a great feeling talking to other Volunteers and telling them about your experience, about the Organizations and knowing how you are helping them, and helping the Community.

So don't stop contributing to the Community and Organizations where you volunteered. If you're interested in becoming an Ambassador please Contact Us for more information