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Ha Noi
Touch the World

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  • Ha Noi, Vietnam
Organization Description
Touch The World (TTW) is a non-profit project in an aim to support learning English of students and children in Viet Nam, which welcomes volunteers from all over the world to teach English in Viet Nam. TTW has created a positive and huge impact to the society in general.

The main objective of the project is to help poor students, vulnerable groups in society in order to assist with poverty reduction, toward a more equitable society.

We have free English classes for poor students. Volunteers will help to teach English in our center in Hanoi. Sometimes we organized some volunteering activities weekly or monthly such as distributing food in the hospital for patients, teaching orphans or disabled people, volunteers can join with us. Besides, some cultural exchange or outdoor events are hold weekly or monthly, volunteers can take part in.

Volunteers on this program are accommodated at our comfortable volunteer houses, where they will have the opportunity to meet and socialize with like-minded people from all over the world. Volunteers will also have weekends free to explore the wonders of this amazing city!
If you want to have an unforgettable experience full of discoveries and enjoyment,
If you want to explore and share your knowledge and culture of different countries,
If you want to give your hands in helping disadvantaged people in Vietnam and do meaningful activities,
Join us on this truly rewarding program!

NB: Volunteers DO NOT need to be an experienced teacher.

Listing highlights:
5 great points you cannot find in any other program:
- Support all fee: When you put your foot on Hanoi, we cover all your fee for our program
- Secure your safety: Your safety is our top priority. We have some Vietnamese students who will live with volunteers in the house to help you any time. Besides, with dedicated in-country teams, you know you will have 24/7 support right there when you need it - guaranteed! From simply questions to hospital trips, we will ensure you are supported throughout your placement.
- Help disadvantaged people: You will have the real chance to help poor students, orphan, disabled people in Vietnam, inspire and give them a hope for the future by giving your hand
- Discover Vietnamese culture: You can explore Vietnamese interesting culture by living and talking with Vietnamese culture.
- Enjoy family-like environment: We have a house in which volunteers and Vietnamese students live and study. All of people in the house are called family members because the relationship among of us is really close. Volunteers who join with us are a part of our family. Even after leaving Vietnam, we still keep contact and volunteers still can come back any time as a member of our family.

We cover all fee for volunteer in our Program including:
- Airport pick up: On arrival date but we are available from 8am to 8pm Vietnam time zone. If you come out of our available time, we can not pick you up but we still can guide you how to come our house and you need to pay by yourself
- Accommodation: Free accommodation in private volunteer house
- Meals: 2 meals daily. We have the contract with our nearby restaurant to cook for volunteers to ensure hygiene and convenience.
- Wifi: Free fast wifi
- Training: In-country orientation and training
- Supervision: In-country supervision
- Support: Pre-departure personal support from your volunteer coordinator, 24/7 in-country support, and 24hr emergency line
- Outdoor activities: Join with our volunteer activities or exchange culture events
- Get volunteer certificate

For visa and flight ticket, we do not cover but we can support and consult.

Type of accommodation
Our house is an apartment on the 8th floor in a building at 335 Cau Giay street, in the centre, close to hospitals, shopping mall and bus station. It is really convenient. Here is our address: Floor 8B1, 335 Cau Giay street, Dich Vong district, Hanoi, Vietnam. Our house has 5 rooms: 2 bedrooms and 3 studying rooms. We have 3 toilets (1 toilet for teachers and 2 toilets for all teachers and students) and 1 corner for cooking. The accommodation is simple but it has everything you need for living. Some Vietnamese students live there with volunteers to take care of volunteers.

From our house you need:
- Only 5 minutes to walk to bus station
- Only 5 minutes to go to the national hospital
- Only 2 minutes to go to the outdoor market
- Only 5 minutes to go to a supper market
- There are lots of restaurant, coffee shop, supermarket, local market, taxi, hospital, clinic, PHARMACY,... nearby
- There are many big universities nearby
- It’s very close to the mall, football field, park, banks with ATMs, cinemas, gyms, yoga center…..

Your works in our program are:
- Teaching poor students in our free English classes
- Taking part in our volunteering activities such as weekly or monthly teaching orphan, disabled people, distributing foods for patients in hospitals
- Taking part in our exchange culture events
Your time of working: No more than 20 hours/week following our schedules. We will have an in-country orientation and training for you. Moreover, in the free classes, you can be supported by our Vietnamese students in teaching and managing classes.
Free time: Out of working time, you will have a lot of free time; therefore, you can travel, explore and meet with friends in Hanoi or surrounding areas. Sometimes, we also schedule day trips or picnics that volunteers and students can enjoy together. If you have any plans to travel somewhere else, we will be happy to help you arrange your trip.

Upon completing your volunteer work here, we will award you with a certificate to recognise your teaching efforts.
Childcare / Children, Education
Skills Needed
* be enthusiastic and motivated , * be a fluent English speaker for the Teaching Program
Accommodation Provided - Minimum Stay: 1 month
Average Cost per Week ($USD)
$0 per week
Estimate only - contact this Organization for actual costs to Volunteer
  • Pre-Departure Orientation
  • 2 Meals per Day
  • Volunteer Hostel
  • Homestay
  • Local Transport
  • Airport Pickup and Drop Off
  • Internet

Costs do not include Flights, Visas, Vaccinations, Insurance, Spending Money, 3-Meals-per-Day, 1-Meal-per-Day
Touch the World


Touch the World Average Ratings
I initially planned to volunteer in Honduras for my 'year break' but was a bit conscious of my budget at that moment. I then searched for a more affordable volunteer job options and found TTW. Ms Mai, the manager has been very responsive during the application period. Hence, I got the volunteer job in time for my planned 'year break'l. I arrived in Hanoi in the second week of September and rendered a two month voluntary service, teaching 'Communication classes'. Perhaps, I was the fussiest volunteer they've ever had (*wink) but I was not judge for being who I am. Rather, they listened to my needs and tried to understand me in every possible way. The students at TTW brought me so much joy. It had been a wonderful experience to be able to impart...
I wanted to volunteer and teach English. Mainly to know people from Vietnam, learn teaching skills and visit Vietnam. I was keen for immersing myself in the Vietnamese culture and I thought that TTW was going to help me out with that. I think the project´s aim is great. To help improve the student´s skills in English so they can achieve better opportunities when looking for a job or even to travel. I felt good about my work. My students told me they got better with their English so that made me proud, to know that my teaching help the students to feel more comfortable when speaking in English. Teaching the disabled students was very nice too, even though they were learning beginners English they were very good students and I could tell that they were making a big effort to learn it,...
I have never imagined that I would spend 5 weeks in a country that I never expect I would fall in love with. I can still remember the day I was randomly surfs the internet and look for any activities I could find to fill my semester break. I always wanted to do a volunteer work, and that took me on this website called and then I found TTW. Back in that time I was actually planning for a summer course program but thank God cause I made the right decision to do this volunteer in TTW because during that time I thought that, this kind of experience will not only change my life but also other’s. it was my first experience of living abroad all by myself that really freaks my parents out and my mom decided to accompany me for the first week in Vietnam and decided to explore...
Touch the World gave me an unforgettable experience. Between the directors, house manager, tutors, fellow teachers, and students, I had a network of support upon my arrival in Vietnam. While my teaching schedule was set, I had a lot of liberty in adapting my lesson plans to fit the class needs, as well as time for going on class trips. Accommodations were not fancy, but all my basic needs were fulfilled! Everyone was so warm and welcoming to me, and all I wished for at the end was more time with the new family I had found in Hanoi.
I applied to teach at touch the world hoping to gain an insight into a foreign culture and teaching experience for future endeavors in supporting environment; and whilst it was not perfect, (what in life is?) it was thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience. From the moment I set foot in Hanoi, I was paired with a buddy- a local whose job it was to assist me in any way necessary, whether it be help in overcoming culture shock or recommending local attractions. As someone who had never previously been in Asia before, this was very helpful, and let me quickly adjust. As for the actual teaching, it is mostly university age students (early 20s). And this was the highlight for me, the students are incredibly eager to learn, soaking up as much knowledge as possible and are a...
I lived and worked as a pronunciation teacher at Touch The World (TTW) for 3 months and it was a significant experience. I learnt a lot about Vietnamese culture (mentality, way of thinking, worldview, values) and myself – kinda ‘learning by teaching’. Therefore, I’m not going to describe my personal experience and impressions. I’ll try to describe the TTW reality and I’ll try to be as much inter-subjective and intelligible as possible. It’s not a paradise but it’s more or less impossible to find an ideal place and this project has much more the positive aspects than the negative ones. First of all, we (volunteers) are supposed to support and develop the project. If you think we just hang out together participating in a permanent party and you would like to take a part, it’...