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Teach for Change Vietnam
  • Hanoi, Vietnam
English, Chinese
Organization Description

Would you like to assist teaching English to speakers of other languages!?

Or would like to contribute to a community project aimed at improving social cohesion, access to free/low cost language skills classes and more importance, building a community platform with the aim to enable, connect, inspire and nurture Vietnamese female to become leaders in education field!?

Working visa and allowance are provided with free food/standard accommodation, airport pick up & local travel, Volunteer certificate and full time Teaching Job Placement in Vietnam once completed volunteering commitment.

We are a network of English centers/clubs that leading by women in Vietnam looking for volunteers to teach English, assist our other subject teachers in classroom, with cultural exchange activities and to improve Vietnamese English teacher’s English speaking ability.

The organization that leading this initiative have been working with volunteers and supporting other volunteer involving projects since years and found that most of volunteers are involve in English teaching activities for small projects in and around Hanoi, Sai Gon or some big cities such as Hai Phong or Da Nang.

Teaching plan, lesson and student’s management are not well prepared, together with no long-term strategic and the commitment of these projects making volunteerism, in this case, somehow causing negative impact to students. Not to mention very limited social impact from the money you made for these English teaching projects.

This initiative aim at supporting big English schools in rural provinces and urban of Hanoi and Sai Gon to improve their training qualification and Vietnamese English teacher’s communication skill and to provide you, as volunteer, a chance to travel around Vietnam, to gain teaching experience and to leave a long term positive impact on improving teaching/communicating skills for Vietnamese English teachers who will stay forever their life improving Vietnamese students’ English.

Vietnam is amongst the fastest economies in Asia, yet it literacy rate is 94,5% however, it unemployment rate among university/master graduated are at alarming rate. Since its inception, the system of public education has been a source of hope to millions, yet today it is in need of urgent attention. Vietnamese parents in general pay a lot of attention to education for their children. Standards in state schools are not high and many children receive additional tuition outside of school. Wrong orientation and understanding of higher education's purposes, most students went to collages/University did not need the knowledge taught there.

In a new market economy of Vietnam with the growth of international businesses and trades, and the increasing number of foreign tourists, the ability to communicate in English has become a passport to a better job not only in the tourism and hospitality industries but in many other enterprises as well. English is taught in schools, in universities and in evening foreign language centers across the country. There are now more teachers and students of English than of any other subjects. However, English learning and teaching have been a bone of contention for years in Vietnam as teacher qualifications and assessment methodologies are blamed for students’ failure to use the language in real life.

This beautiful country is part of an Asian culture in which the patriarchal system is very popular. Therefore, there is inequality in the family division of labor. Due to social changes, women today have to work outside the home as well as do the housework. The dual role burdens are on women’s shoulders and they are not treated fairly. They are inferior to men and do not become involved in making important decisions in the family.

At the primary and secondary level, the percentage of female students is lower than that of male students, especially in poor and minority areas. Moreover, in the rural areas parents often choose males to invest in education and boys often have a greater opportunity to return to school than girls. The reasons for fewer girls going to school are that they have to stay home to help their family with domestic work, that boarding schools are far away from home, or that the custom of early marriage has existed for a long time.

Our initiative is designed to both achieve the education and women empowering target with special aims at shortened the gap between countryside and city children in learning English.


The ages of the students at these schools/clubs depend on what level of educational institute it is. The ages of the student’s ranges between 3 and 6 for kindergartens, 6 and 12 for elementary schools, 12 and 15 for middle schools, 15 and 18 for high schools and 18 and 22 for colleges.

Our schools/clubs will provide you with a schedule 12 – 18 teaching hours per week. You will in charge of teaching small classes, assisting our full time English teachers (both Vietnamese and Foreigner) with their lesson plan, in classroom, with cultural exchange activities and so on.

We usually get students coming around from 5:00 – 9:00 PM on the week days and from 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM on the weekends. Each Class is 1 hour and a half and you will need to take maximum 3 classes a day (on weekends) and having at least 2 days off a week.

Full description about schools/clubs and province’s tourism attraction will be sent to you after your application are accepted. Though you can move from province to province during your stay! It makes more fun and as well help you better understand the country and how cultural/natural diversify it is!


- Charity work
- Language practice
- Art project
- Other
- Teaching

1. Teach English at our schools and clubs/tutoring, helping our Single Mothers earn money and raising fund for the charity that leading this initiative. This project is currently implementing in HANOI, and HO CHI MINH City.
2. Marketing and communication for all the organization and its brand products. This one required volunteers to stay in Hanoi, our head quarter.
3. Teach and Assist other full time English teachers at our Female leading English Schools with:
o Organizing cultural exchange activities;
o Facilitating English at our clubs, schools;
o Supporting Vietnamese teachers to improve their English speaking ability;
o Teach other subject such as Art, Music, Dance, Math, Geography; Chemistry, etc depending on your skills;
o Teach other living skills for students at charity schools or for Ethnic minority students;
o Conducting environment conservation activities;
o Supporting farmers with farming and husbandry in surrounding villages, etc

This project is currently implementing in TUYEN QUANG, THAI BINH, NGHE AN, NAM DINH, PLEIKU, BINH DUONG AND BA RIA VUNG TAU.


We offer international volunteers an experience of a lifetime. We provide people from all over the world with a comfortable ‘home-stay’ in a lovely area of different provinces in Vietnam. Volunteers are fully supported and live within a ‘family’ situation at the house with other volunteers OR with single mothers and their babies and staff from the organization.

Volunteers have the opportunity to learn to cook or observe Vietnamese food preparation and cooking; explore the city and region on days off; learn Vietnamese; and be immersed in the Vietnamese culture.

International volunteers live for free at the houses in return for a commitment to facilitating English classes (and other activities suite their expertise). Volunteers are asked to prepare for a commitment to facilitating English classes 4 - 5 x classes = 12 - 18 working hours per week. English teaching books and lesson plan on Starlight dropbox will be your resource and you will be able to prepare for your lessons with your coordinator during the day.

You will have a private room with basic facilities including Wifi, laundry and a kitchen, though you may need to share with other volunteers from time to time.

Food will be prepared by our staff, though you are asked to prepare breakfast for yourself since we wake up at different time in the morning. Vietnamese foods are amazing so we encourage you to practice cooking by supporting our staffs.

At our main shelter for Single Mothers in Hanoi, you can learn cooking and making flowers with different materials, sewing and embroidery with our single mothers.


After finishing your commitment for 3 month volunteering with us, if you wish to stay longer, and obtained your teaching certificate, we can introduce you for a full time job as English Teacher.

Our teaching positions give you plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in Vietnamese culture. The food, the culture, the language – You can enjoy everything that Vietnam has to offer while experiencing a rewarding career as an English teacher. You will enjoy a competitive monthly wage (up to $1,200) and a low cost of living. Coupled with a teaching position that offers free housing and flights, teachers in Vietnam can save money each month while experiencing the best that Vietnam and Southeast Asia have to offer.


At the same time, across the country, we can accept 30 Volunteers. There are always a position for new comers.

o Take part in a humanitarian action to help single mothers in Vietnam
o Work in a dynamic team
o Meet young people from all over the world
o Learn and exchange information from different countries, cultures, backgrounds
o Have a lot of fun!

o Participate actively within the program
o Enjoy yourself by being a team player
o Show interest and responsibility during program
o Understand that a lot of time will be spent with local people who do not speak English very well
o Speak slowly to English beginners
o Cooperate and work closely with the volunteer coordinators and staff – if there is a problem please talk to the Manager about it with a proposed solution


Taking flight in 2014, we aim to be the home for all Vietnamese women entrepreneurs and leaders. We value real case studies, honest and inspiring stories from Vietnamese women and girls at all stages of their entrepreneurial and leader journey, We aim change the face of Vietnamese women in education field, which then will change our next generation and the country in a long term.

We started this volunteer program because non-formal, vocational training and other forms of education are much needed in Vietnam, especially for the unprivileged youngsters in rural areas. This organization works with a belief that it is not necessary to “do different things but do things differently” under the upcoming issues related to Education. Our goal is to be part of improving and expanding English language education, plant seeds of linguistic and cultural understanding that set students on a path toward success in international business and diplomacy.

As all founders were born and grow up in Vietnam, we strongly believe that education is the best weapon for us to change this country!
Education, Women, Business
Skills Needed
English fluency, Communication, Administration, Teaching
Accommodation Provided - Minimum Stay: 3 months
Average Cost per Week ($USD)
$0 per week
Estimate only - contact this Organization for actual costs to Volunteer
  • Pre-Departure Orientation
  • 2 Meals per Day
  • Homestay
  • Local Transport
  • Airport Pickup and Drop Off
  • Internet

Costs do not include Flights, Visas, Vaccinations, Insurance, Spending Money, 3-Meals-per-Day, 1-Meal-per-Day, Volunteer-Hostel
Nguyen Thanh Paven


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