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Hanoi, Nghe An, Ho Chi Minh
Coins for Change Vietnam
  • Hanoi, Nghe An, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Organization Description
Coins for Change Vietnam, the organization started with a simple idea – empower disadvantaged single mothers in Vietnam. Since 2014, the team behind this award-winning social enterprise, led by chief executive Tang Thi Duyen Hong, has transformed the lives of 37 single mothers with plans to transform the lives of many more. Using her experience from the commercial and tourism sections, Hong is championing the social enterprise sector, social responsibility and the cause of single mothers in Vietnam.

Always striving to innovate, Coins for Change (C4C) provides single mothers with vocational training in clothing design and manufacture, coordinating English classes, F&B along with life skills training to help them better their lives. Coins for Change aims to provide employment to 70% of the single mothers it trains and empower its staff to continue to develop its business brands and spread the reach of the organization. As a result of the business, C4C wants to make the market more aware of single mothers’ living conditions and hardships.

The organization management have firsthand experience with single motherhood, with many of the female management staff being single mothers themselves. Our founder and CEO Hong, was 26 when she unexpectedly became pregnant to her boyfriend. In Vietnam women should be married prior to falling pregnant and her boyfriend and parents both told her to either get an abortion or end the relationship. Despite cultural pressure to not have the baby, Hong decided to keep the baby and as a result became a single mother.

Because of her experiences Hong has decided to help other single mothers and women who do not fit the traditional expectations of Vietnamese society. In Vietnam these women, including disabled women, are subject to great stigma and are often ostracized from their families, communities and wider society. C4C aims to change this by providing single mothers with real world skills that can be applied in the workforce and enable them to prosper.

C4C enables women to be self sufficient and provides a strong safety net combined with support to move single mothers and their families out of poverty and onto a path of long-term economic stability. C4C understand that by helping single mothers and giving them tools for employment and life skills, the entire family benefits, including the children. C4C creates opportunities for single mothers to strengthen their skills in these areas removing barriers to financial security and acceptance by society.

C4C aims to create the greatest possible impact in Vietnam and to raise awareness of the plight of single mothers worldwide through this powerful story and the strength and vigor of these women as they overcome numerous challenges.

The organisation is growing very good since we have support from great volunteers came around the world. Thanks for your great contribution, we are now having project in Hanoi, Nghe An, and Ho Chi Minh city.


Single mothers who require support, contact the C4C online forum and the Manager and Founder (herself a single mother) communicates with them all. From these discussions, the women needing urgent support, are unemployed and have nowhere to turn, are offered one of a limited placement at the C4C house. Whilst at the house they become a part of a family that cares for them and they are asked to help out in the house where they can until after the birth of the baby.

Once a mother has recovered she can assist with coordinating English lessons in her own house and facilitated by international volunteers; or, assist in other ways at the C4C organisation. Single mothers are paid for the job if they choose to coordinate English classes and their children may attend the classes for no charge. We make a small profit from our customers who pay for a package of English lessons. The money is then returned to the organisation to continue to support and grow the C4C organisation.

At each of the English class sites, C4C has a coordinator and a Teacher’s Assistant to help our volunteer/s with technical and English/Vietnamese translation where it is required.

At each project site, we have a coordinator to help with technical and English translation in case Single Mothers are not ready. Our CEO travel from time to time to project sites to support with all activities including volunteer’s need.

Our operation is currently small, but expanding.

We are looking for volunteers to:

Teach English at our clubs, support single mothers who are coordinating clubs with income and their kids with change to learn English.
We usually get students coming around from 5:00 – 9:00 PM on the week days and from 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM on the weekends. Each Class is 1 hour and a half and you will need to take maximum 3 classes a day (on weekends) and having at least 2 days off a week.

C4C offers international volunteers an experience of a lifetime. C4C provide people from all over the world with a comfortable ‘home-stay’ in a lovely area of Hanoi, Nghe An and Sai Gon. Volunteers are fully supported and live within a ‘family’ situation at the house with other volunteers, single mothers and their babies and staff from the organisation. Volunteers have the opportunity to learn to cook or observe Vietnamese food preparation and cooking; explore the city and region on days off; learn Vietnamese; and be immersed in the Vietnamese culture.
International volunteers live for free at the C4C house in return for a commitment to facilitating English classes (and other activities suite their expertise)
Volunteers are asked to prepare for a commitment to facilitating English classes 4 x classes = 12 working hours per week. English teaching books and lesson plan on starlight dropbox will be your resource and you will be able to prepare for your lessons with your coordinator during the day.

Each grade is allocated 08 themes suited to their age intake level;
Each topic last for 5-8 sessions, depending on students’ qualifications and capacity;
01 test every month to finish the topic;
There will be 01 sessions every 03 months to evaluate and reorder the classes. This part will involve students’ parents.
Each session consists of 90 minutes of activity as details:
5-minute exercise routine
5 minutes for revision
20 minutes from new training
10 minutes organize games
20 minutes to put the words taught to question and replace words in sentences (grammar)
20-minute workout heard (according to the assigned topic for teachers – part out of textbook)
10-minute self-assessment and homework assignment

As mentioned above, the English club will not operate under a traditional classroom setting. The aim here is simply to give people the opportunity for cultural exchange and to open mind for kids, provide disadvantage kids with a great opportunity to learn and grow up with beautiful memories about volunteers coming around the world.

Moreover, we are looking for volunteers with skills in marketing and communication for all the organisation and its brand products.

As a volunteer you need to have the following skills and attributes:

 High level of English
 Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office tools and emails
 An outgoing, friendly and proactive character
 Comfortable working with a team or individually
 Good communication skills
 Able to use your own initiative and ask for help when needed.

We will provide the following training and support:

 Induction to organisation
 Full training on all aspects of the role.
 Regular updates on organisational activities
 Support, advice and guidance, from our Volunteer Coordinator

We prefer volunteers who could stay at least 3 months so that you will learn, make friend with kids and women and help them with the project that you will get involve in.

Working arrangements are flexible, though we anticipate you would help a maximum of 4 -5 hours per day, 5 days a week. We are also very willing to help to support any ideas you might have for new projects and initiatives related to our work with women, children and education.

Joining our programs, you will have a lot of benefit such as:
 Make a life-changing experience on students’ life by enabling them learn English and more
 Contributing for a better life of disadvantage women and their children
 A great chance for you to integrate into local people’s lives and traditions (the real Vietnamese life),
 Gaining more and deeper knowledge about teaching experiences,
 Having chance to implement your own project, supporting disadvantage women and child.
 Discovering Vietnamese culture, traditions all whilst sampling traditional Vietnamese foods.

We look after our volunteers
 A chance to learn Vietnamese language,
 Friendly, family-like environment,
 Comfort, convenience and happiness.

Wherever project site will you work, you will stay in a volunteer’s house with at least 2 single mothers supporting your work and living. They speak basic English, though you can organise your class with them every day to help us change their life.

You will have a private room with basic facilities including wifi, laundry and a kitchen, though you may need to share with other volunteers from time to time.

We are operating in main cities of the countries. We are a very diversify countries with many different culture from North to South. If you stay longer than 3 months, you may can move from projects to projects so that you can as well travel and experience life different from part to part of Vietnam.

Kindly drop an application message with your CV attach to our CEO and send her a Skype request to skype name: tangduyenhong for further discussion about your volunteering opportunity with us!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
Education, Women, Arts
Skills Needed
English Teaching, Creative Arts, Computer Skills
Accommodation Provided - Minimum Stay: 3 months
Average Cost per Week ($USD)
$0 per week
Estimate only - contact this Organization for actual costs to Volunteer
  • 3 Meals per Day
  • Volunteer Hostel
  • Local Transport
  • Internet

Costs do not include Flights, Visas, Vaccinations, Insurance, Spending Money, Pre-Departure-Orientation, 2-Meals-per-Day, 1-Meal-per-Day, Homestay, Airport-Pickup-and-Drop-Off
Tang Thi Duyen Hong


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